Christmas Weekend Fun


Instagram vs. Real Life

P.E.I. Holiday 2017

Family Photos

Meet Maude

15 Things I Like About Being Pregnant

On Miscarriage

Saving Family Photos

Big News!



First Snow

Farewell to Our Home


We Bought a House!

Banff Holiday 2016

Planning Family Photos

Crazy Cat Story

Family Date

Easter 2016


Have a Great Weekend

The Cattest Day Ever

On Being Happy

An Ode to Real Life

Easy Weeknight Recipe

Holiday Traditions

Halloween 2015 (Part 2)

Halloween 2015

Escape Room Date Night



Goodnight Poem

Rudy's Birth Story: From My Perspective AND Corey's

A Trick For Waking Up

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

The Sweetest Moments

Meet Rudy

Halloween 2014

Push Presents: Yes or No?

Feels Like Fall

How Did You Feel After Your Wedding?


We're Having a Girl!!

Our Engagement Photos

We Booked Our Honeymoon!

Aquarium Date

Cheetah Update

Poetry for Children

Meet Cheetah!

Our Pregnancy Announcement

Advice To My 20-Year-Old Self

The Best Friendships

How We Met

Ten Things I Like About Myself

The Day We Bought Our House

Surprising Brownie Recipe

On Marriage

A Romantic Unromantic Gift from My Valentine

Cozy Like Chicken Soup

Boyfriend Rules

Valentine's Links and Gift Guide

What's Your Motto?

Would You Get a Tattoo?

Snowy Walk

Being on The Bachelor Would Make Me CRAZY!

Gratitude Jar

Envisioning a Great New Year

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Whispers

Halloween 2013 Part 1 and Part 2

Outside My Comfort Zone

Friendly, Our Foster Dog

Birthday Musings

Stop Wine-ing!

Dear Summer of 2013...

Camping Tips for the City Gal

A Few Steps Back in Time

Sunday Night Ritual

A Great Date

Greyhounds Make Grey-t Pets!

Long Weekend

Our Engagement Story

Father's Day Gift Idea

9 Things We Have Learned from Our Renovation

Mother's Day Traditions

What We have Learned from Feeding Our Dog a Raw Diet

A "Like" Letter on Valentine's Day

Great Advice on Saving Money

Snow Day and Sunday Night Reading

Barkley Tries to Walk in His New Boots (Video)

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