Feels Like Fall!

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Doesn't it feel like fall all of a sudden?  It struck me two weekends ago, when the air was suddenly crisp and I just wanted to put on a sweater and go apple picking.  Unfortunately, there will be no apple picking in the de Sa-Brown house until we take little Bruiser (aka, Singleton) next year.  We are in a full on renovating frenzy and we will have tons of photos and posts to share over the coming weeks.

So far, Corey's been keeping up his end of the bargain by finishing our bathroom (it still needs some paint but it's otherwise done) and gutting our entire kitchen.  He can now begin the electrical work, then the new flooring and finally the cabinets.  Yay!  We've taken pictures of everything but my work schedule has been packed so the blog posts are piling up.  I promise to start sharing soon!

On another note, if you thought it was crazy to renovate the main bathroom with a pregnant lady in the house, try taking away her kitchen.  It's not pretty.

While I love Thanksgiving, my favourite fall-iday (See what I did there?) is Halloween.  I posted last year about my great love of Halloween, which tends to go slightly beyond what is socially acceptable for an adult woman.  I feel like we set a precedent by having an awesome scary house last year so we have to at least match it this year... nothing too crazy though because we can't start work on the nursery until our kitchen is ready to go.

This year, I've been getting in the spirit by watching Halloween specials of my favourite shows.  I'm itching to go to a haunted house one weekend but Corey keeps talking me out of it.  What do you do to get excited for Halloween?

I can't cook at the moment but I saw this recipe on a friend's Facebook feed and I can't wait to make it!

Another fall recipe to try!

As if I needed another reason to adore Jennifer Garner!

An interesting way to look at life.

How to "half tuck" your shirts.

I want to try this nail polish.

64 important numbers for homeowners.

My new favourite cozy sweater.

I love this bag for fall!

Staging food photos in this kitchen just got easier.

Have you read about this couple's story?  It made me cry.

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