Mother's Day Traditions

Do you have a special Mother's Day tradition?   In years past, my mother and I have enjoyed tea at a  hotel this time of year as a celebration of Mother's Day and her birthday.  It has become a tradition of sorts and just a nice excuse to spend some time together.

This year, my low-maintenance and unfussy mother has insisted that I save my money and spend my time on our ongoing (and time consuming) renovations this weekend.  In fact, she's been spending her free time helping us clean, bringing us supplies and babysitting Barkley!  I honestly feel like the biggest boomerang kid ever for relying on her so much and I told her that she deserves a Mother's Day treat more than ever this year.

I'm hoping she'll let me do something for her once things settle down a bit for us but until then, I want everyone to know how special and amazing she is:

To my best role model and the woman who kept me safe, made me strong and gave me self-confidence;
To the woman who told me the truth about Santa Claus a little too early because she respected her children and didn't believe in lying to us;
To the woman who taught me to stand up for myself and push for the things I want because she has always been a leader by example;
To the woman who loved me, cried with me and supported me during my worst and most difficult years... and who has never been afraid to scream right back at me when I'm being a real B&%$#! ;)
To the woman who worked full-time and still devoted more time to volunteering and extracurriculars than my friends' "stay at home" moms and who showed me that it is possible to balance a career and a family beautifully;
To the woman who taught me to view life with humour and to view friendship without age bias;

To the woman who taught me respect and appreciation for the unique talents and gifts of all of my relatives;
To the mom who loves my significant other and treats him like a son and who is still taking care of us...
Happy Mother's Day!  I don't know how you find so many hours in each day to do everything that you do.  I strive to be more like you each day.  You deserve the world, mom!
And here's one of my favourite sappy mom commercials that makes me a cry a little each time I see it! 

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, moms-to-be and favourite aunts out there! XO

What are your special Mother's Day traditions?

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