Our Wedding (Getting Ready)

All photos in this post are courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images

It has been nearly two months since our wedding and I'm so excited to start sharing some of the details of our big day.  I was worried that this blog was a little wedding-d out this summer but now I have tons of reno news so I don't feel guilty for peppering in a few wedding posts. :)

Considering we are in the midst of renovating our own new/old house, when Corey and I were touring reception venues, we felt most at home in a stately old heritage house which was situated right in the heart of the neighbourhood where I grew up.

One of the nicest things about The Heintzman House was the upstairs dressing rooms.  They allowed the bridal party lots of space to get ready and hang out in the morning before the ceremony.

You may recall the challenges I had in choosing a style for my wedding dress as a pregnant bride.  I happened to be particularly swollen on my wedding day but I still loved the dress and the French lace and crystal details made me feel pretty despite my cankles. 

My wedding shoes turned out to be a brilliant idea.

Remember the fabric I chose for my bridesmaids dresses?  Well, they each had a dress made to their own taste and ended up looking fabulous.

Cheetah was a naughty boy and ate an entire pack of gum which he found in my friend's purse that morning.

Corey looked dapper in a suit he already owned with a new shirt and cuff links.

He asked his groomsmen to wear white shirts with light or medium grey suits and he gave them each a tie.

The necklaces I had made for my bridesmaids were a little long but they were (luckily) adjustable and they looked sweet on them and sort of tied their looks together.

We waited for "first look" photos, which were nice but I think I would have preferred if Corey had helped me get ready.  I missed him so much during the emotional (and hormonal) morning that I almost called him in early several times because I just wanted to talk to my best friend.

Corey's identical twin (Jeff is on the left) flew in from Australia to help us with the big day.

I was thrilled with the way my bouquet turned out.

We all toasted (I had a tiny bit too.) in our own vintage champagne flutes which I've been collecting at thrift stores for ages.

Barkley and Cheetah just had water.

I was totally Bridezilla when it came to a secondary location for photos with Corey.  I chose a place on the opposite side of town, which would be difficult to drive to and difficult for my pregnant self to hike to and I refused to back down when friends (and our photographer) offered alternatives.  Looking back, it was actually pretty crazy of me but Corey and I were both thrilled with our photos and so was our photographer!

On our way to the ceremony, Corey and I stopped for iced coffees (and so that I could use the washroom) and enjoyed a half hour of just reflecting on how the day was going so far.  I put my feet up in the back of the car and for a few minutes, it just felt like a normal day.  It was lovely to come back to reality together before the actual ceremony.

I'll share some ceremony details next but I hope you enjoyed the pre-wedding festivities.

DIY Stone Necklace

When my morning sickness was really bad, I had to take a bit of a break from hardcore DIY projects in favour of a little more rest.  The problem is, DIY projects and this blog are my hobby away from work.  If I'm not blogging, it probably means all my free time is filled with extra work and so I try to give myself little projects in order to create more balance in my life.  I had always wanted to try jewelry making and I found this great tutorial on another blog.

My first attempt was the necklaces I made for my bridesmaids.

They were actually quite pretty when paired with their green dresses.

The photo above is courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images

Beads and chains and clasps can be found at any craft store but I found they were cheaper to buy online and found some nice ones here and here.  I bought beads in malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, onyx, turquoise and even freshwater pearls.  

It was while waiting for my blood glucose test that I noticed an article on jewelry making in Martha Stewart Living and was reminded of all my pretty beads sitting at home. 

I had booked most of the day off work in anticipation of not feeling well after my test (I was right!) and so I went home, put my feet up and made some diy necklaces in bed.

Luckily, in our house, there is no shortage of tools, so I whipped out two pair of needle nose pliers and some wire cutters.

I already had some gold chain and gold wire...

As well as lobster clasps and jump rings.

I used the pliers to make loops in the wire and I pinched the ends closed after wrapping the end around the base a couple of times.  I used the wire in the middle to string the beads and used the wire loops that I made, along with jump rings to secure the wire to the chain.

At the end of the chain, I added a lobster clasp to one side.

I also improved upon my old design by finished the end of each adjustable necklace with a jump ring attached to a bead.

Here are my finished necklaces:

Would you make your own jewelry?


Feels Like Fall!

Photo from Tablespoon.com.  

Doesn't it feel like fall all of a sudden?  It struck me two weekends ago, when the air was suddenly crisp and I just wanted to put on a sweater and go apple picking.  Unfortunately, there will be no apple picking in the de Sa-Brown house until we take little Bruiser (aka, Singleton) next year.  We are in a full on renovating frenzy and we will have tons of photos and posts to share over the coming weeks.

So far, Corey's been keeping up his end of the bargain by finishing our bathroom (it still needs some paint but it's otherwise done) and gutting our entire kitchen.  He can now begin the electrical work, then the new flooring and finally the cabinets.  Yay!  We've taken pictures of everything but my work schedule has been packed so the blog posts are piling up.  I promise to start sharing soon!

On another note, if you thought it was crazy to renovate the main bathroom with a pregnant lady in the house, try taking away her kitchen.  It's not pretty.

While I love Thanksgiving, my favourite fall-iday (See what I did there?) is Halloween.  I posted last year about my great love of Halloween, which tends to go slightly beyond what is socially acceptable for an adult woman.  I feel like we set a precedent by having an awesome scary house last year so we have to at least match it this year... nothing too crazy though because we can't start work on the nursery until our kitchen is ready to go.

This year, I've been getting in the spirit by watching Halloween specials of my favourite shows.  I'm itching to go to a haunted house one weekend but Corey keeps talking me out of it.  What do you do to get excited for Halloween?

I can't cook at the moment but I saw this recipe on a friend's Facebook feed and I can't wait to make it!

Another fall recipe to try!

As if I needed another reason to adore Jennifer Garner!

An interesting way to look at life.

How to "half tuck" your shirts.

I want to try this nail polish.

64 important numbers for homeowners.

My new favourite cozy sweater.

I love this bag for fall!

Staging food photos in this kitchen just got easier.

Have you read about this couple's story?  It made me cry.


Wedding Aftermath

How did you feel after your wedding?  Many friends have said they feel euphoric and blissfully in love while others have said that it was a little anticlimactic or even that they were a bit blue afterwards.  For me, I had been so tense about it that I felt a wave of relief once it was over.  

During our honeymoon, Corey and I barely discussed our wedding (I could barely remember it) and were more focused on the fact that we had learned Singleton was a girl.  (Note- We now call her Bruiser because she kicks and pummels my insides non-stop!)  The wedding itself had been more of a chore for me to plan while pregnant and busy at work, and I remember being worried in the days leading up to it that I wouldn't enjoy myself.

It's not until a month later that I can look at the photos and actually smile and remember things.  Looking back, I am actually really happy with our wedding.  I love the pictures and I was so happy with how most of our diys and ideas turned out.  

Did the wedding bring us closer?  After eight years together and many years living together, I don't think being married has changed our relationship much.  However, having the wedding behind us and knowing what's ahead of us has certainly brought us closer.  

I don't remember much about our wedding day (Especially all the little things I freaked out or obsessed over.) but I have a vivid memory of walking to meet Corey and the dogs so that we could walk down the aisle as a family.  Seeing him looking so happy and handsome made me want to stop and just give him a kiss.

It was unplanned but looking back, it feels like such a special moment for our little family.  It's one of the moments I'll always remember best from our wedding day.  That and finding out Singleton's gender and perhaps stopping for iced coffee on the way to the ceremony so that I could cool off after photos and elevate my swollen feet in the car while Corey gave me a foot rub.  Our wedding was nothing if not real. ;)

The photo above is courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images

How did you feel after your wedding?  What do you remember best?


Wedding Programs

The photo above is courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images

When we started planning our wedding, I remember wondering whether or not we should include programs.  They seemed like extra work and a waste of paper but I also knew that people would enjoy having something to read (or use as a fan) while waiting for our outdoor August ceremony to begin.  

I ended up buying some recycled plantable paper online and designing and printing these at home two nights before our wedding.  

I found the succulent clip art here and decided to give people a rundown of our rough timeline.  I think it was helpful since our wedding wasn't exactly traditional.  I also reminded people that they could plant their programs to grow some wildflowers, which is nicer than having to throw them out.

Did you or would you have a program at your own wedding?  I've always thought the programs I featured in this post were hilarious!

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