The Parkdale Flea

I know this is not the popular opinion, but I always find Toronto's neighbourhood flea markets to be a little lackluster.  It's not that the vendors aren't good... because some of them are amazing.  (It's a little like shopping Etsy in person.)  It's more because there are so few of them and the markets just feel small to me.  Last year, I checked out the Parkdale Flea and the Junction Flea.  Last weekend, I was in Parkdale with a friend and we happened upon this year's Parkdale Flea.  Here's what we found:

I loved the jewelry being sold (at very reasonable prices) by The Shop I Am.  The website isn't active yet but I'll watch for more unusual and delicate jewelry by this artist at other Toronto markets.

I liked Elle Shay's mixed media art, which featured different Toronto landmarks.  They were also very reasonably priced and the colours were vibrant and hyper-saturated... in a good way!

I loved some of the vibrant art that was hung throughout the main space.  I couldn't decide whether it was too crazy for our house though.

Maybe a little?  I wish I had noticed the artist's name.

I'm always a sucker for rough edged furniture and One One Eleven Designs was showcasing some lovely pieces.

There were soaps and body butter (which smelled good enough to eat) by The Parkdale Butter Co.

... And some whimsical illustrations by Emily May Rose.

Not my favourite flea market, but still a fun day out.  It's kind of a nice change of pace that the emphasis is more on local art than vintage wares .

My Bouquet

Do you remember (or have you thought about) your wedding bouquet?  I had never really thought about what I'd want but it actually seems like a pretty important accessory.  I chose mine the other day (similar to the one in the top photo only a little smaller) and ordered it from Crown Flora Studio.  I love how unusual it looks.   .

I had originally planned to diy my bouquet but I decided that (aside from Corey) it's the most important accessory to highlight my dress so I wanted it to be out of this world!  I also ordered a matching boutonniere for Corey so he wouldn't feel left out.  ;)

I also think succulent bouquets are chic and fun.  I love the one below from Offbeat Bride.  Something like this would probably be my second choice.

What do you think?


DIY Tiered Dessert Stands

I've been wanting to tackle this next craft for a while now.  Instead of a cake for our wedding, we're opting for cupcakes from this shop.  I thought it would tie in with the vintage centerpieces at our wedding, if I made tiered stands from mismatched thrift store plates.

I found a tutorial on Apartment Therapy and purchased the stand hardware inexpensively on Ebay.  Choosing the plates was fun and I looked for a dinner plate, lunch plate and dessert plate or tea saucer for each set.

Next came the challenging part.  I used Corey's work bench and clamp and we got a diamond tile bit for his drill in the same width as the screws in the hardware.  I made sure to have safety glasses and a spray bottle of water handy to ensure that the drill bit didn't overheat.

I began each plate by laying it on the bench face down and taping and measuring the centre.  I began drilling each hole on a 45 degree angle (see video below) and slowly moved the drill upright until I had a solid indentation and could remove the tape.  I applied even pressure until I had drilled all the way through, pausing occasionally to spray the drill bit and hole.  Once finished, we washed the plates and assembled them.


They turned out nicely.

We can't wait to fill them with raspberry and lemon cupcakes!  Wouldn't they also be perfect for high tea?  Mmmmm scones....


Impromptu Thrift Store Visit

I love shopping at thrift stores!  There's something about it that always feels like a treasure hunt and I've written before about my favourite thrift store tips.  While I was looking for something specific during this trip, I ended up coming home with two other small treasures.

As many of you know, our wedding centerpieces are going to be a mix of succulents and cacti planted in vintage glass and milk glass, which I mentioned in this post.  I was also hoping to add some fresh cut flowers in vases to fill each table.

Well, I recently ordered flowers in white and green from Bunches Direct and I decided to look online for fun ways to arrange them.  I loved some of the photos I found of flowers arranged in milk glass vases (I'm afraid I was unable to track the original source of either of these two pictures.) and I decided to see if I could find some more.

I had a few already but I added to my collection and I now have a nice assortment for the wedding.  I can't wait to see what they look like with flowers.

Remember when we styled our living room gallery wall last year?  We had always assumed that we'd add to it over time.

I found this little painting which makes me want to travel to Greece.

It was only three dollars and I figured I could always recycle the frame if I ended up hating the picture.

But I think it goes quite nicely in our living room.

And we came home with one final purchase.  I know I've posted a few pictures in the past of my nightstand (photo below) but lately, I've been finding that it gets too cluttered.

I found this pretty little candy dish (on the right) which sparkled like new after a trip through the dishwasher.

Now I have a place to put my hair elastics, chapstick and even jewelry.

I think our bill came to about $18.  Not too shabby!  It also makes me want to sing this song...

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I'm I'm I'm hunting, looking for a come-up
This is f%$#ing awesome!



We just finished booking our honeymoon in Costa Rica and after years of having too much going on to vacation, we're finally going away during the craziest year of our lives.  Go figure!

I've read that even the act of planning a holiday relieves stress and there really is something to it!  I am so excited that I'm even speaking in a high pitched voice right now!

We're renting a car to give us lots of freedom and so that my pregnant self doesn't have to sit next to someone sweaty on a shuttle and we're leaving most of our itinerary pretty open to see how we both feel.  I am hoping for some awesome rainforest and volcano hikes though... and we did book a private dinner in the rainforest canopy one night, since it's on my bucket list.

We're staying here and here.

So now I'd love to hear from you so that I can plan a little and get even more excited.  What's the most memorable thing you did on your honeymoon?

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