What We Have Learned From Feeding Our Dog Raw:

When we first rescued Barkley, we were feeding him premium, grain-free kibble.  Even so, it never agreed with his stomach and he suffered for months.  Corey and I are busy people and I hate germs so we weren't exactly prime candidates for this option, but we had heard so many positive stories that we decided to try it.
The difference was obvious within a few days.  Barkley had more energy, his stomach wasn't upset, and Corey and I were no longer cleaning up accidents around the condo.  Two years later, Barkley is a healthy, beautiful dog and even our vet is amazed at the change. 
My mother actually suggested that I write down some of our raw feeding tips since people are always asking us about them.  I have created an infographic outlining our experience with this diet.  Remember, we are not vets or experts; just regular people who have been doing this for a while.  Everyone feeds raw a little differently so many raw feeders may not agree with our methods but we have found that they are easy enough to stick with and they keep our dog healthy.  That's enough for us. :)


 I would like to thank our raw food providers first and to encourage anyone in the GTA to visit their websites:
Barkley's ground meat patties, marrow bones and his frozen organs are from Keoni.  Frank was very supportive when we began raw feeding and he makes it easy for us to continue by delivering Barkley's food and even accommodating special packaging requests when we travel.
Even before we switched to raw, we were giving Barkley Nothing Added treats.  Pauline has been a knowledgeable resource and Barkley just loves her healthy treats.  We always keep her liver on hand, along with duck feet, trachea, tripe and lung. 


If you're wondering about the fabulous photos of Barkley, I actually took them last night.  I edited them on photoshop using tutorials from two talented blogs:
Be sure to check out their blogs for tips.


Okay, it's a little more "info" than graphic.  I split it into two pages to avoid excluding important information.


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