Halloween Recap

Today's post is short, but Corey and I have some fun posts planned for the next week.  Stay tuned... I've been busy with clients and I've managed to injure myself (it's only minor) yet again!
We hope you all had a great Halloween!  We enjoyed our first Halloween in our new/old house and the kids seemed to love the candy and toys... Especially the toys!
It was a miserable night, so we gave out coffee to the parents.  We figure one day, we'll have kids and people will do the same for us.    :)
It was hard to get good video because it was so dark, but here's a brief clip.  You can see the strobe light and a bit of the fog... Unfortunately, you can barely see Maurice!  Still, the kids loved it and kept trying to scoop up the fog!

We're going to try to do a little more each year, but this is a good start.  Most people in our neighbourhood seem to be pretty moderate or minimal Halloween decorators, so we still stood out.  We just think it's so much more fun for the kids if there are a couple of really awesome houses.  One little boy told me our house was the best he'd ever seen.  It totally made our night!

We were also smart enough to clean up right away, so we're enjoying a holiday decorating reprieve until after Remembrance Day... Which is when I think it's appropriate to begin decorating for Christmas. 

How was your Halloween?
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