How a Great Date Became an Excuse to Rearrange the Dining Room...

After channeling our inner lumberjack all morning on Saturday, Corey and I decided that we deserved a romantic date.  It was a beautiful summer day but it was too late to go camping and we feared that "Funderland" would be a zoo.  Instead, we headed to Niagara on the Lake for some wine and fresh air.

This is one of our favourite "stay-cation" spots and while we like to rent bikes and ride around, the heat made our air-conditioned car seem like the better choice.

As always, the scenery was beautiful, from the architecture of the wineries, to the patters made by fields of grapes.

We ended up enjoying a picnic lunch at one of our favourite wineries, consisting of an aged cheddar, a double cream brie, half a french baguette, honey, crabapple jelly and cured meat.  We ate in the middle of the vineyard and I finally purchased a couple of bottles of a sparkling merlot which I've been thinking about since our visit last year.

This little picnic was so nice that it has inspired me to start keeping those mini glass bottles of jam and honey that I sometimes receive at restaurants.  They would make a great addition to our next picnic!

We brought home bottles of some of our favourite wines as well as some honeycomb (yum!) and some strawberry rhubarb craft beer.  What a perfect day!

At home, we noticed a lack of space for our wine rack and we decided that an extra fifteen minutes of work would allow us to relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

After a little bit of experimenting with furniture arrangements and a lot of searching through boxes for our wine racks...

We have finally settled on a dining room layout that may actually work for us... and still allow a little extra storage space for our wine!

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