A Few Steps Back in Time...

Working in real estate means that full days off can be few and far between.  I don't mind, because I love my job about 90% of the time, but it does mean that Corey and I plan our time off for either maximum productivity or maximum relaxation.

In the summer, this means short (60-90 minute) trips to Canada's Wonderland (aka, Funderland) where we arrive early, ride our favourite roller coaster about half a dozen times before the park gets busy, and then leave before noon so that I can meet with clients.

It's the perfect mini-date and adrenaline rush and we buy season's passes so it ends up being pretty inexpensive.  It takes me back to the excitement I felt as a child when my parents would take me and my brother.  Today was a beautiful day for it:


Corey even indulged by getting his favourite (disgusting) theme park treat for breakfast!

How do you squeeze as much fun as possible into a couple of hours?
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