Family Date

This time of year, work is so busy that I'm lucky if I get a couple of hours to play with Rudy in a week.  I can almost count on any weekend activity requiring heavy juggling and scheduling and there's always the possibility that I'll have to work last-minute.

Corey's a champ and handles house, pet and baby responsibilities but it can still be hard to find the time to be a mom and a wife while the market is so busy and my clients all need my time and attention.  I'm very grateful for my work and I love my job but Rudy grows so fast that I make an effort to make my time with her REALLY count!

Sometimes the stars align though and I had one of those rare weekends where all most of my work appointments sort of melted away and I ended up with a whole weekend (minus a very few appointments) to hang with my two favourite people!

It was heaven and we spent lots of time outdoors in the beautiful weather playing and chasing our shadows and exploring and just making good use of my time off!  It was one of the best weekends in recent memory and I think we're all feeling happy and exhausted!

I posted lots of photos from this weekend on my Instagram.  I'm making an effort to stop paying attention to all the social media "rules" (not posting too frequently, sticking to a theme and style, etc.) and so I'm just posting any photos that I like and would like to look back on later.  I'm not going to lie, it's mostly photos of Rudy.  ;)  There are also a few of the house, the dogs, food and other pretty things.  Here are some family photos from this weekend, if you'd like to see:

The weekend of fun ended after our final post-dinner walk tonight, when Rudy almost passed out and had to be carried home.


Smoothie Popsicles

With Rudy teething and nursing a sore throat, we decided to make some cold treats.  We're a big smoothie family (ever since they saved me during pregnancy) and when we dug up our old popsicle molds we decided to make smoothie popsicles.

Normally, we like to throw some leafy greens in our smoothies so we feel a little healthier, but for these popsicles, we just wanted them to taste yummy!

We popped some frozen strawberries, probiotic yogurt, milk and a splash of vanilla extract (we rarely measure amounts) into the blender and blended until smooth.  Then we poured the mixture into molds and added some chopped fresh strawberries for texture.

The result was yummy and a big hit!  Our popsicles were a little big and heavy for Rudy so I think we're going to buy these for next time.  When she's bigger, I can't wait to try these!

For some other yummy sounding popsicle recipes, check out these and these!

And check out this poor little sicky enjoying her treat while watching some Bubble Guppies.

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