What's Your Motto?

Do you have a motto, mantra or affirmation?  I'll admit that until recently, when I thought of daily affirmations, I kind of pictured this:

... and it made me cringe just a little because it's so "gosh darn" cheesy.  Lately though, I've begun to see the benefit and power of changing our internal monologue and I think a morning affirmation would be a great way to begin the day on a positive note.

I bet you couldn't help smiling the first time you watched this video of a little girl who just exudes confidence!  Wouldn't it be nice if we all felt this great as adults?

Couldn't we all use a little of this extra fire?  I have always considered myself to be a strong and confident person, but it turns out that this is not always the case... especially when I am outside my comfort zone.  Just the other day, Corey and I found ourselves lined up outside one of Toronto's most popular tattoo parlours to have some questions answered and to discuss plans for the matching tattoos we're considering getting.

Imagine the scene: me feeling a little stuffy and uptight next to Corey (who always seems to fit in everywhere) in a line filled with moustasched, vintage-clad, indie-music-loving, twenty-somethings.  I had been so confident with my list of well-researched questions and yet I suddenly felt like they were silly and naive and perhaps even a little insulting.  I was nervous.

When it was finally our turn, I leaned forward quietly and explained (almost apologetically) that we were just there to ask a few questions and that we weren't quite ready to take the tattoo plunge.  The girl at the desk (who also happens to be one of the artists) was warm, accepting and amazing.  She was a champ for not even cracking a smile when I asked about "the etiquette regarding guests" since my brother would like to watch if we do decide to go through with it.

As it turns out, she was great and she didn't think my questions were silly or that I was wasting her time wanting to discuss our amateur tattoos and I really had nothing to worry about.  So why did I begin our conversation with a self-deprecating joke about my not being hip enough?  Who knows, but I'll make a conscious effort in the future to remind myself of how awesome I am before I open my mouth to utter a negative joke.

I already try to glance at my goals each morning in order to intentionally work towards them during the day, but I think I'll begin a little affirmation ritual as well.  At minimum, it's important to remember how lucky I am.  What do you think?  Would you try this?  Here are a few great examples:

I read this New York Times article recently and found myself fighting back tears.  During times of struggle, I think the the simple inevitability of the Samuel Beckett quote from the end of the article would be immensely helpful:  "I can't go on.  I'll go on"

For athletes, I always think of Nike slogans as being the original "fitspiration" and there are so many on Pinterest today.  This one would be good for me:

I also love this list featured in the Huffington Post and these lists by Motto.

And if all else fails, listen to Liz Lemon!

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