Another Halloween

I can't take credit for our pumpkin this year.  We've been so preoccupied with renos and work that we were happy to take one that my brother carved.  Frankly, I think he did a better job than I would have.

How was your Halloween?  Some of you may remember our excitement last year as we prepped and decorated for our first Halloween in a house.  We went all out with a strobe light, scary music and a smoke machine and so many of the neighbourhood kiddies commented that we were the "best house ever" that we felt compelled to do it again.

I was also insistent on having some non-food treats available for kids with allergies and a good friend told me I was "ahead of my time" when the Teal Pumpkin Initiative became popular this year.

Like last year, we had an assortment of stickers and chocolates.  I'm still always surprised at how quickly the non-food items disappear.  :)

We laughed at ourselves at the end of the night though.  We were sorting through the "leftovers" when we realized that, in addition to chocolates and stickers, we had been handing our condiments and salad dressing from Swiss Chalet.

Here's our little setup before it got too dark.

It's hard to capture the ambiance but it was pretty spooky with the music, strobe light and fog machine.  A few kids skipped us because the house was too scary... We were a little bit proud of that!

We also dressed up as much as time allowed.  One woman said I looked like Marilyn Monroe.  Obviously the fog and strobe light were distorting her vision but I'll take it!

We were a little saddened to see so few houses participating in Halloween this year.  I feel like it's sort of our duty to keep it going, since we enjoyed it as children.  If you're curious, there's a great list, which ranks the best neighbouhoods to visit.  I'm hoping to see our neighbourhood on the list in a few years!

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