A Date at the Aquarium

Do you plan dates with your spouse?  What do you normally do?  Before we started renovating the house, Corey and I would spend lots of time in the summers camping or at the zoo.  This past year has been so busy though that often our dates are more simple and may just be walking to get gelato nearby.

I've been wanting to post these pictures for quite some time.  As many of you already know, during my first trimester, I didn't have the easiest time.  One day I wasn't feeling so sick, but I was a little blue from having been sick so much lately.  Corey immediately took the opportunity to suggest a real date to Ripley's Aquarium!

It was a fabulous day out, dampened only slightly by the fact that we forgot our camera (get ready for blurry phone pics) and the point where (in a minor pregnancy rage) I screamed at a man for picking up a horseshoe crab by it's tail and dropping it back into the water.  I hate when people aren't kind to animals but I made a bit of a scene and I think I embarrassed Corey.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy our photos.

Tell me about your favourite dates with friends, partners or the kids!

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