Another Climbing Wall

Those of you who have been following Fresh Coat of Paint over the years may recall the climbing wall we built at our last house. It was one of my favourite projects ever and I was a little disappointed that we sold the house after enjoying it for less than a year! At the time, we asked our buyers if they'd like us to leave the climbing wall and they said they would. We were delighted to leave it but we knew we'd have to build a new one in this house!

Instead of the mountain theme we had last time, this time I opted for whimsical trees modelled after the Truffula trees, but with colours to compliment our family room.

To begin the project, we measured the space and bought a piece of plywood to fit.

Then, I roughly sketched the background (I practiced on paper first) and painted it.

Corey used 3" construction screws to anchor the board into studs in our wall. It left visible holes in the board, which we filled with wood filler and touched up at the end of the project.

Corey used 1/4" toggle bolts to secure the holds, which are available on Amazon and Ebay.

Rudy helped us place the holds and she actually loved being involved and kept tying to screw them into the wall herself! It was adorable and she was so proud that she helped!

Rudy loved the wall right away. She hasn't climbed too high yet but she keeps practicing. Each time she comes down, she claps her hands and says "Yay Rudy!"

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