Saving Family Memories

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share a cool app we've been enjoying.

When I was little, I just loved curling up with a huge stack of family photo albums.  I enjoyed seeing photos of relatives and of us and hearing the stories that went along with them.  Just thinking about it feels cozy and nostalgic.

Now, I'm a big fan of Instagram and even posted some tips for taking better phone camera photos here.  I love the convenience of always having a camera with me and in some ways, I love that we're so great at documenting special moments these days.  On the other hand, I often wonder how many of these photos Rudy will actually get to see.  Will she follow me on Instagram and see all her old baby photos?  Will she one day ask me to remove them all from social media?  (If she does that's her choice and totally okay with me!)  Will she ever sit and look at them with me so I can share the stories behind all the silly photos?

One of our goals in the new house is to keep family memories and photos more accessible. We've also been playing more music but that's a different post. :) Recently, we've been trying Chatbooks and so far, we love it. The app automatically creates and orders mini albums from my Instagram photos and ships them to us. Each book is a really fun surprise and Rudy already loves looking through them. Toddlers are so self-absorbed that a few photos of themselves or even a mirror can occupy them for hours! ;)

We've also been making an effort to actually hang some family photos in this house. How do you display family photos in your home?

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