Farewell to Our New/Old House

Doesn't a house feel kind of sad when everything that once made it a home has been packed away?  Today we said goodbye to the house where we became a family.  It was really sad despite the fact that we're really excited for the new house.

I have so much to tell you about renovations and, well, everything!  I've probably started about a dozen posts outlining the hiccups we've experienced (there are always some) and the style and colours we've chosen and all the ideas we have!

It's been a crazy few weeks though and everything is more challenging with a toddler.  We're actually moving in stages, since our house still isn't quite ready.  We've been moving things to storage and visiting the new house to check on reno progress for weeks but the past week has been really intense!  Last Tuesday, our movers came to help us pack, but we had to leave some things out because our moving day wasn't until Saturday.  On Saturday, most of our belongings and furniture were moved to the basement at the new house.  We left Rudy's toddler bed at our old house and decided to stay as long as possible so Corey and I ended up sleeping on camping air mattresses and we made do without ANY FURNITURE for the rest of the weekend.  It was surprisingly unpleasant.  Today, we packed up what was left, left our buyers some treats and a note and moved in with my mom.  We'll stay here until our new house is ready for us.

In the note we left our buyers we told them that our house had been a happy one and had brought us a lot of luck and a lot of happy times and we wished the same for them.  If houses have karma, this one definitely has good karma.  Farewell old house!

This house has been much more than a house to us.  It has been the backdrop to the beginning of our family's story.  Here are just a few photos of some happy memories we've made here:

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