First Snow

Can you believe we've had snow twice in the past couple of weeks?  Does it count as the first snow when it barely sticks to the ground?  I'm still in denial that winter's almost here.  I suppose it's the right time of year but it still feels too early!  It also reminds me of all the grown up things we need to do like change our tires and do something about the driveway at the new house so it's not slippery this winter.

This fall has flown and I'm a little sad that it's over but I keep reminding myself of all the cozy winter things that I love: Christmas (especially the lights and displays downtown); curling up with a good book or movie and a crackling fire; taking Rudy tobogganing, our (new) family tradition of a short winter getaway to Great Wolf Lodge.  Those are my winter happy thoughts!

We decided to embrace the cold weather the other day and bundle up for a nice long walk.  It's funny how kids don't seem to feel the cold because they're too busy exploring and being active.  We ended up having a lot of fun.  It's probably one of our last family walks in our current house.  Here are some photos if you'd like to see:

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