We just finished booking our honeymoon in Costa Rica and after years of having too much going on to vacation, we're finally going away during the craziest year of our lives.  Go figure!

I've read that even the act of planning a holiday relieves stress and there really is something to it!  I am so excited that I'm even speaking in a high pitched voice right now!

We're renting a car to give us lots of freedom and so that my pregnant self doesn't have to sit next to someone sweaty on a shuttle and we're leaving most of our itinerary pretty open to see how we both feel.  I am hoping for some awesome rainforest and volcano hikes though... and we did book a private dinner in the rainforest canopy one night, since it's on my bucket list.

We're staying here and here.

So now I'd love to hear from you so that I can plan a little and get even more excited.  What's the most memorable thing you did on your honeymoon?

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