Father's Day Gift Idea

I can't wait to have kids so that we I (I know how this works) can plan fun things for Corey on Father's Day.

In an age of smart phones and technology, I'll bet most dads have traded in the wallet accordion album filled with kid photos of years past, for an album on their iPad. 

Well, Corey and I are kind of "back to basics" people in many ways.  We love vintage furniture, hand-written notes and buying wooden toys for our friend's kids.  I also like to think that we'd both love the simplicity of this vintage craft.

Since it's probably weird for me to make Barkley celebrate Father's Day... (although they SHOULD make a special day for pet owners) I'm hoping that one of you will make these for a new dad (or gramps) in your life.

Check out this tutorial on Oh Happy Day to make Shrinky Dink Father's Day Gifts.  Aren't the key chains adorable?  I found that the tie tacks would be better suited to a family who wears matching t-shirts to functions.  I suggested this once when my brother was running his first 10K but I was (politely) shot down... and not invited to be a finish-line cheerleader.
The tutorial above has great instructions and helpful pictures like the one below.  Isn't this the perfect set of photo instructions?  It makes me think "Hey, I should do this..." but then I also think "I don't have the time or the talent so I'll just enjoy it when others make graphics like this."  Check out this awesome blog for other fun ideas too! 
Basically, you size your picture to double the size you want the key ring. (Shrinky Dink shrinks, duh!)  Then you print it onto the Shrinky Dink, cut it out (leaving a hole at the top) and bake it.

If we weren't up to our ears in renos this year, I'd be making these for Corey using this picture of Barkley:

Wouldn't he make the cutest key chain?  Maybe next year!
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