Snowy Walk

How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty great!  When I wasn't working, Corey and I were enjoying some "date time" together and we tried to get outside in the snow as much as possible.

On Saturday morning, we bundled up and took Barkley for a walk along the belt-line trail.

I'm not going to lie- The Bark sort of hated it and endured it with a facial expression that made him look like a martyr.

Still, the trail was pretty in a sparse wintery way and Corey and I enjoyed a little hike.

The dull grey scenery made the graffiti on some of the nearby buildings look extra vibrant!

I'm afraid Barkley didn't appreciate the sights quite as much as we did.  This is his "Take me home!  TAKE ME HOOMMMMEEE!!!" face.

After the walk, Barkley warmed up with a (naturally shed) caribou antler and lots of cuddles!  Who else has a pet who's reluctant to go outside in the winter?

Did you have a good weekend?  Did you do anything outside?  Where is your favourite place to walk?

Happy Monday!

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