Valentine's Day Links and Gift Ideas

Are you doing anything fun for Valentine's Day?  While Corey and I aren't doing anything overly special this year (Romance to me right now is working on finishing the bathroom reno so I can enjoy a bubble bath.) this time of year always takes me back to school days of eagerly anticipating a Valentine or candy-gram from my crush.  Do you remember those days?

I once read the sweetest story (I wish I could think of the source) about a boy who said that his parents always gave him money for two candy-grams: one for his crush and one for a kid who probably wouldn't get one otherwise.  I always thought it was a really touching story.  Would you ever raise your child to do something like this?

So do you celebrate February 14th, do you boycott, or do you fall somewhere in between, like us?  For those who are not boycotting, here are some fun/romantic links and gift ideas:

These hilarious cards cracked me up!  I'd love to send myself one of these. ;)

The Shining re-imagined as a romantic comedy.

Would you fly cuddle class?

Don't forget that Winterlicious is on now in Toronto.

What do you think of these heart invitations?

I must have jewelry on my mind, but any of these delicate rings would make such a nice gift.

Or these dainty Kate Spade studs.

Ways to "Treat Yo-Self!"

Do kids still give out Valentines to their classmates?  If so, I love this idea!

I am obsessed with these hilarious recaps of The Bachelor.

Two fun Valentine's Day plans.  I love the idea of sneaking champagne into a movie theatre! 

Love this funky necklace!

Gold dot earrings.

Happy Egalitarian Valentine's Day!

These look yummy!

Check out these NSFW (not safe for work) Valentine's Day alternatives.

This beautiful love story brought me to tears:

And here's one last video that made me cry this week.

More tomorrow!

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