Push Presents: Yes or No?

Push presents, baby baubles, pregnancy perks, third trimester trinkets... what do you think of this tradition?  Is it an obnoxious sign of our consumer-driven society or is it a nice acknowledgement of the work and sacrifice required to carry a baby?

Honestly, I was undecided about how I felt until my morning sickness returned in week 21 and I was in bed upset about it one day (I'm in control of it now) when Corey said something sweet and perceptive.  He said that after I delivered, I'd have a new baby and I would no longer be pregnant so a push present would probably be redundant at the time because I'd be so happy to have my baby and no longer be pregnant.  However, with months to go and terrible symptoms, he thought I could use a little something shiny now... to make me smile during the bad days.  We call it my "Puke Present"!

Jewelry is pretty out of character for me... Remember when I asked Corey to buy me a sensible ring so that we could put more money towards our renos?  We're also generally pretty frugal and prefer to buy things used or make them ourselves.  Still, this little trinket makes me smile... especially since my fingers are too swollen to wear my engagement or wedding rings.

We have friends who have decided that both mom and dad deserve push presents and we have friends who have ignored this new trend all together.  What's your take?  Do you like a little bling with your baby or would you rather spend the money on a fun date night before the baby comes?  Perhaps a newborn photoshoot with a professional photographer, a prenatal massage or something practical for the baby would be nicer than a little blue box?

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