Check Out Our Living Room in Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest!

Some of you will recall that last year, our living room in the condo was a part of this contest.  We actually did fairly well (perhaps 11th place in our division) but Corey and I both felt like the room didn't reflect our personalities as well as it could have.

This year, we thought it would be fin to submit the living room in our new/old house, and we were thrilled when it was chosen to be featured.  Check out the link to the Apartment Therapy page here.  The Room for Color contest is so much fun, and a great place to find inspiration for your own home.  Each year, I am amazed at the creativity and style of many of the submissions.

You also get to vote for (or "favourite") your favourites, which is fun!  I would love your vote, but don't forget to check out all the other rooms as well.  International winners don't win prizes, so for me, this is just for fun. :)

In case you're curious, here's what our living room looked like on moving day:

...And here it is today:

By the way, I was so excited to (for once) take my before and after photos from the same angle that I had to point it out to you.  Check out these bad boys side by side:

In case you're wondering, that couch is officially Barkley's and he likes to wait for us to come home from work while sleeping (and hopefully not drooling) on my Fornasetti pillow. :S

We're a little self-conscious about the trim, and we'll probably try to touch it up a bit.  It's a challenge because the house is 87 years old and the walls and ceiling aren't even to start with.  Also, we want to give Barkley a break from us painting, since he just cries the whole time because he wants to be with us and we won't let him in the room.  Poor boy!
This room was made on a budget, but it didn't happen overnight.  If you're curious to read about how this room came together, here's a list of posts that explain some of our steps:
I hope you enjoyed our journey to a finished living room.  I think our next major challenge will be a little more intense... but I told Corey we'd take a couple of weeks off from the big projects. ;)

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