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As you know, our living room is currently a contestant in the 2013 Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest.  While our entry this year is far less popular (in the contest) than our living room in the condo, we're still enjoying watching the contest and search for inspiration from the other contestants.
In the spirit of sharing some fabulous rooms, here are my favourites so far:

Paisan's East Meets West Room is bold and stunning in my opinion.  I also think he was wise to leave the bottom of the wall white so as not to overpower the room.

Obviously, I love my own entry, Taylor's Happy Blues Room.  I love that from this angle, you also get a look my our newly finished hallway.

While not what I think of as "colourful", Virginia's Green, White & Cream Room uses muted tones for a restful and clean vibe.

I have always liked non-traditional nurseries, and it's probably no surprise that I'm drawn to the navy and lime colour combination in Cathy's Navy & Green Nursery Room.

Matthew's Moody in Nature Room is fabulous and totally my style.  I love the mix of organic and modern accessories!

I tend to love good, mid-century styling, so I was instantly drawn to Kelly's White, Teal & Oxblood Room.  I think the mix of colours and accessories is perfect!

I'm not normally a fan of rooms that are too symmetrical, but Kristie's Light & Happy Room is just too sweet and pretty!

I love the pretty bookshelves in Maria's Light, Colorful & Collected Room.  She manages to use wood tones, while keeping the rest of the room looking light.

Holly's Heaven Room is professionally decorated and it shows.  I just love it and her curtains are giving me ideas for our dining room!

I love the funky patterns and mid-century touches in George's Shades of Blue Room.  Bravo!

I adore this mix of patterns and colours in Amanda's Clean Modern Mix Room.

Would I ever be brave or fun enough to replicate Vineet's Bold & Vibrant Room?  Perhaps not, but I love it just the same!  My favourite thing may be the reversal of the traditional colourful art on a white wall!

These may be my favourite entries so far, but the contest is far from over.  Which room is your favourite?
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