The Christie Antique Show (Part 1)

Corey and I knew that Saturday would be one of our last weekend days off together this fall.  Unfortunately, it was miserable and rainy so, like the nuts that we are, we opted to drive to Dundas for the Christie Antique Show so we could wander around outdoors all morning.  Yup, we're insane.  ;)

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The Christie Antique Show is huge, with hundreds of vendors (see map below) and many great deals and unique items to be found.  In fact, I took so many pictures that I'm splitting this post into two parts, and unlike my last trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market, I did not leave empty handed.  See if you can guess what I walked away with after reading my posts.

If you live in the GTA and want to do some shopping of your own, the 2014 dates are May 24th and September 6th.  Mark your calendars!

Here's a photo of one of the tents.  Notice all the umbrellas!  Despite our rain gear, we were drenched by noon, when a sudden worsening of the storm prompted a mass exodus from the grounds.  We did use the opportunity to haggle a couple of vendors down to 75% of list price.  Not a bad silver lining, if I do say so... :)

As usual, there was an array of signs and commercial letters.  The red letters were marked at $60 each

I loved this tent filled with silverware sets and beautiful platters.  They had a huge selection of both full sets and loose pieces, and it would have been a great stop, had we been looking for missing pieces for our own set.

I have always loved the Anne of Green Gables books, and have always wanted to have china dogs (Gog and Magog) guarding my fireplace.  These spaniels seemed so perfect and I really loved them... but their $295 price tag was probably more than I was prepared to spend on frivolity.

These brass ladies are actually bells!  When I was little and had a sore throat, my mom gave me a bell to ring if I needed something so that I wouldn't have to strain my voice.  I love this idea for our own house... and it would be a nice change from texting.  The one I liked was $12.

I love how narrow this little side table is.  It could be a magazine stand or wine rack and it would slide nicely beside a couch.  I'd need to paint it though...

Corey loved these vintage typewriters.  How fun would it be to use one of these to leave messages for each other, rather than a memo pad?  I also liked the vintage door knockers.

I would just love to spray a couple of these wire baskets with copper paint and use them as extra kitchen storage...

I found so many paintings that I liked, but most were over $100... and I wasn't certain I liked them THAT much.

... Although, if this horse drawing hadn't been marked "sold" it would have come home with us!

Mid-century chairs covered in modern, geometric fabric... What's not to like?

These metal chairs would be a fun pop of colour in an industrial dining room or on a patio.  They even beat Ikea prices at only $100 for a set of 4!

I adored this mid-century chair and ottoman.  I think it was in the ballpark of $500, but it would be fabulous in a living room.

This fun Herman Miller chair  was also pretty hard to resist at $165.

This sofa and chair set was an absolute steal at only $350! 

And this mod planter was sort of begging me to take her home and put a cactus in her!

You know I love mid-century pottery, and this pottery base lamp was just soooo retro and chic!

I'm also a bit of a sucker for stained glass.  My mom always looks at it and points it out to me so part of me thinks I'm looking for something she'll like.

Some were in rough shape, but this lovely piece below was is good condition and marked at $90.

A part of me also really loved these giant Russian paintings...

I thought these old boxes could be stacked and secured to make great side tables.  They could also work as unique seats if they were covered with foam and fabric.

I loved the unusual shape of this church pew!

... And these funky gramophones!

What do you think?   Did we bring any of these things home?  I'll post part 2 tomorrow and you can decide!
Which items would have caught your eye?

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