Friday Reading: Part 11 (... And More Wedding Updates.)

Nobody ever tells you that planning your wedding is stressful.  Okay, wait... everyone tells you but you always think your own wedding is going to be different because you're that rare combination of organized and laid back.  That's certainly what Corey and I thought, but the best laid plans of brides and men...
I pretty much had this sucker planned at the end of August and, for the most part, that's still the case.  I just hadn't counted on an extra layer of family drama, which has occupied far too much of our time this past week. 
While venting to a friend, she also pointed out that I would probably want to at least consider the style of dress I might want to wear.  Honestly, I assumed I'd just buy something off the rack this spring, but she's right to advise me to start looking at different styles. 
I've begun to realize that my idea of a dream dress has followed a similar evolution to my "dream engagement ring".  I assumed for many years that I would wear something fabulous and fashion-forward, then I thought I might wear something colourful and unexpected, but in the end, I think I'll choose something elegant, comfortable and just a little casual and different.  What do you think?  Do you like the idea of colourful wedding dresses?

Now for some interesting videos and sites:

While I certainly didn't waste my 20's, I also didn't approach the decade as deliberately as I should have.  This inspiring video is a must see for any 20-something.  My favourite quote: "As a society, we are trivializing the most defining decade of adulthood."

As a Parks and Rec fan, this made me laugh.

This is shockingly true for many people I know.

I've always wondered how to do this.

The science nerd in me enjoyed these.

This video moved me to tears.

So did this... In a different way.

Yummy or gross?

This is such an interesting personality test!  I may be a little Good-Bad-Good because I can be a little snarky and stubborn.  What are you?

Have a marvellous weekend, everyone!

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