I Need To See A Man About A Horse...

Okay, so actually it's a woman and she is a talented artist named Nakisha.  I found this gorgeous sculpture on her Etsy shop, Wireanimals where she sells many different sizes of wire sculpture.  They are all made from a continuous strand and resemble three dimensional drawings. 

I ordered this little horse while we were still in the condo as a little housewarming gift for myself.  It was the first thing we had delivered to our new/old house.  Here it is in it's temporary home on my old buffet.

I'll have a more permanent home for this sculpture once we complete our current project this week.  I love that it sort of looks like a 3D doodle.  What do you think?
Here are some of my other favourites from her Etsy shop:

I love buying vintage and handmade items, as opposed to mass produced accessories.  Nakisha was so sweet that she actually emailed me to thank me for my purchase!  Although this was a housewarming gift for myself, I think they're the perfect mix of modern art and animals for other people on my list as well.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Corey and I both worked on Saturday but we had Sunday off to spend time with family and begin a new project.  It's something that has always been on our list and I think it's going to make a huge impact.  I'll post about it later this week!
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