Apartment Therapy's Style Cure: Hallway Makeover Part 1

Apartment Therapy is one of my favourite blogs and sources of inspiration for our new/old house.  In August, they are hosting a Style Cure where they encourage readers to follow their steps and revitalize a room. 

While most of our new/old house is more in the renovating phase than the decorating phase, the hallway doesn't need as much structural work and a makeover would make a huge impact on our home.  What better than to begin with the room that will make a first impression on anyone who enters our house?  Here's what it looks like today (I know this "step" is actually not due until Monday):

While I do want the hall to be a little more neutral than the rest of the house, this is way too boring!

The first step is to complete a questionnaire and analyze your answers.  It is designed to isolate your style and personality characteristics.  It's a fun exercise to try yourself.  Here are my answers:

1.  List your favourites in each category:

Actor -  This is tough, since I don't really have favourite actors.  Can I say Taylor Lautner?  j/k!  I suppose I really like Christian Bale.  Also Morgan Freeman... I'll see anything with those two in it... or maybe I'm just a Batman fan.
Actress - I am obsessed with Maggie Smith. 
Artist -  I love smaller independent artists.  I have couple of colourful nudes by an artist named Aja and we also own a fabulous aerial photograph by Louis Helbig.
Writer - I've never been able to pin down just one.  I read a lot of non-fiction... which may not help here.  I suppose the most recent series of relaxed reading books that I couldn't put down were written by Ken Follet.
Music - I'm not a music snob by any stretch and know very little about genres or bands.  In my car, there's currently a mix CD with a heavy bias toward classic rock.
Restaurant - Savoy in NYC.  I was so sad when it closed.  I loved the locally sourced ingredients and the simple, classic dishes with complex flavours.
Automobile - I know and care NOTHING about cars.  They're a depreciating asset.  Perhaps that in itself says something...
Movie or TV show - I love classic movies like Gone with the Wind and Casablanca.  I also watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy every Christmas... I'm not sure why this has become a tradition, but it has definitely achieved that status.  I haven't found a TV series I have loved as much as 24 since it ended.
Clothing - I love anything colourful, patterned and fun by Diane Von Fursterberg.  My favourite purse is by Cole Haan.
Furniture - I love vintage Eames and Pierre Paulin.  My favourite piece of furniture in our house is a harvest table made with reclaimed wood.

2.  Choose three words to describe your personal style:  Casual, Playful, Eclectic

3.  Describe your favourite room from a:
Childhood home - I loved the "study" in the house I grew up in.  It was filled with books, it had vintage Scandinavian designed leather chairs and a beautiful leather topped desk.
Adult Home - I haven't truly loved any rooms in my adult homes.  Is that sad?  I suppose my old living room (in the condo) was fun and playful and filled with vintage items but it was never really my own style.

4.  List three qualities that you admire in your role model:  My mom is my best role model and four (I couldn't settle on just three) qualities I admire most about her are that she is:
  • A quietly strong leader.
  • Funny and just a little bit sarcastic.
  • Optimistic and young at heart.
  • Warm, kind and patient
5.  List three spots in your home that you feel are beautiful and are proud of:  We're just getting started so nothing is finished yet, but I love:
6.  When the Style Cure is complete, how do you want friends to describe your home?  Honestly, I think our home will still be in disaster mode after a month, but I hope the hallway reflects us and sets the tone for the rest of the new/old house.

My answers to questions 1 and 2 tell me that I like the classic but with a little bit of fun, beauty and excitement and perhaps a pinch of glam.  I'm all over the map here but perhaps that just means I'm not tied to one particular theme and I choose things I like.

My answers to questions 3 and 5 tell me that I find beauty in texture and colour.  I like objects that tell stories and rooms that feel comfortable and yet still luxurious.

My answers to questions 4 and 6 tell me about my aspirations for my room.  I want it to feel like me and to feel a little subdued but still cheerful and strong.  I think I also want my home to feel warm and welcoming.  Definitely nothing too bland.  And it NEEDS a sense of humour!

With this in mind, I'm going to set off to transform our hallway this month.  Consider joining me and choosing a room in your own house!

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