Insert Witty Title About Gingers

While I was gathering inspiration pictures for my Hallway Makeover,  I came across the photo (above) and was drawn to it immediately.  At the time, I assumed it was the large geode...  I have an appreciation of both geology and fossils, which was passed down from my Nana.  She was a recreational expert in both fields and I inherited many pieces from her collection... as well as great memories of going fossil hunting and attending rock shows with her.  I never unpacked them in the condo, but I am excited to finally display them in this house.

So yes, obviously I found the geode interesting but, when I examined the picture again, I also really loved the ginger jars. 

Ginger jars originated in China (some say as long as 5000 years ago) and were used to store food and given as gifts.  While once functional, they now crop up in galleries and designer rooms everywhere.  They are beautiful and look fabulous in a collection.  They come in all shapes, colours and sizes but I tend to prefer the large blue and white jars.

Here are some photos from around the web, showing their use in home design:


Photo Sources: 1. House and Home; 2. The Enchanted Home; 3. Indulgy; 4. House Beautiful; 5. AM Dolce Vita; 6. Better Homes and Gardens via Pagoda Road

Sometimes on my way home from work, I'll stop off at a thrift or consignment shop for a quick look.  I love the thrill of the hunt... In a way, it reminds me of looking for fossils with my Nana when I was little.  Finding something great was such a great feeling, and I find that I still search for "treasures" as an adult.  Usually, I'm in and out in a couple of minutes empty handed, but every so often, I'll find something really exciting. 

I had the latter sort of day yesterday, as I took a brief detour on the way home from the office and spotted this large ginger jar in a window.  The price was a small fraction of what I would pay on eBay, so I figured I'd just flip it if Corey hated it.

While he muttered something under his breath about it looking like a giant urn, he indulged me as usual.  It stays!  Now I'll just have to decide where it will live.  It may be too large for the hallway but it would look great in the living room or dining room.

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