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Oh my goodness, this feels like the Mt Everest of blog goals!  I've been following Apartment Therapy for years and I'm thrilled... THRILLED to have one of our projects featured!  I received an email recently, telling me to watch for our feature this week and I'm publishing this post in advance, to welcome new readers to our blog!

If you're joining us from AT, I'm so glad that you stopped by!  I hope you'll find something of interest to keep you coming back!  My "About" section has a good selection of posts to catch you up, but I'll do my best in this post.

Basically, we're just regular people: My name is Taylor and I'm a Real Estate Broker and my boyfriend fiancé, Corey is an Electrical Apprentice.  We're newly engaged and we just sold a condo (Which was a bit of a nightmare... you can read about it on the blog.) and bought our dream house!  It's a teeny 1926 semi-detached house in a leafy and quiet Toronto neighbourhood, where the neighbours still pop by with baked goods.  Heavenly!  The other bonus is that with my real estate spidey sense, we were able to find an "untapped" neighbourhood and we're  expecting to watch it evolve and grow over the coming years.

With our love of home décor and renovation, we are rolling up our sleeves and embarking on a renovating adventure, while our lazy greyhound inspects our work between naps.  This blog centres around thrifting, renovating, DIY, real estate and decorating.  It's really a little bit of everything we love, and we occasionally write about our hobbies, pets and personal news.

We are young (-ish) and budget conscious... and when we say "budget" we really mean it!  You won't find any $50,000 kitchen makeovers on this blog!  We also have busy jobs and we don't always agree on décor choices, (So we'll probably be working on the new/old house for years!) but we're peppering the actual work with lots of laughter, fun, bad puns and obscure pop-culture references.  Enjoy reading about our adventure and watching us "rough-it" a bit as we figure out how to turn our new/old house into a real gem!

Here are some of our favourite posts, in no particular order:

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House Hunting:



Condo Drama:

*My regular readers say this series is a favourite.



Thanks again for stopping by!  Feel free to comment and chat with us- It makes our day!

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