You Can Never Have Too Much (Affordable) Art!

I recently discovered and fell in love with the work of Samantha French and really wanted a piece of her work for the house.  Since we're planning on staying in this house for many years, we are free to decorate to our own taste and don't need to worry about keeping things neutral.  I love the vintage feel of Samantha's work and the the colour, movement and light.  I just feel like she "gets" the way water moves and her work makes me feel refreshed!

I visited Samantha's Etsy store and was overwhelmed by many of her paintings.  I showed them to Corey and he loved them too so we decided that we wanted her work in our home! 

Here are a few of my favourites:

Trust me when I tell you that her work is even better in person!
Her originals sell for more than we are willing to pay right now for a "frivilous purchase" while we are renovating, but I ordered one of her smaller signed prints and framed it in a cheap Ikea frame.  Usually, I would cut the matte myself with an exacto knife but I thought it looked good as it was.
To me, a house doesn't feel like a home without some personal art.  We're eagerly awaiting a new large-scale piece from a friend but we typically can't afford to sink major money into art purchases.    Esty is one of my favourite sources for affordable art.  I also like Society 6. What's your favourite source?
Once we paint, we'll hang this print in the living room.
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