Using Curtains to Change a Window

Remember the window in our living room?  It's way too small for my taste but expanding it is certainly not in our budget this year.  Instead, we decided to use the common trick of hanging curtains "high and wide" to create the illusion of a larger window. 
In this room, we're also planning some built-in shelves and so our couch is going to sit off-centre.  To compensate, we shifted the window (artifically) by hanging our curtains high, wide and to the left.  I outlined the actual window for you to see.  Doesn't it look much more natural and symetrical with curtains hung this way instead of over the actual window?

Let's see it without the lines:
I recently posted about buying some fabric to make curtains and I mentioned that I was eyeing this cascade agate pattern from Etsy.com.  At the time, I was sort of surprised when Corey liked it too.  Sometimes, I'll be sure I know what he's going to say about something and then he goes and shocks me!
Well, Corey removed the ugly AC unit that you can see peeking out from behind the sheers in the photo above.  I also decided to get the fabric and the drapes are now complete!  I think they'll look better with more dramatic walls and our built-ins but we're working on that! 

Don't you just get the sense that the window is huge instead of teeny tiny?  I hope so, since that's what we're going for.  I'm also looking at these pictures and I think I'm going to make a real effort to take more blog pictures in the morning, before work so I have better lighting to work with. :)

So what are you working on?  Do you have any projects on the go now that the weather's warm?

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