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Remember my Hallway Reveal

Well, when I took another look at the pictures, the room felt a little off-balance to me.  Some commenters picked up on the same thing and suggested that I paint the white mirror to add some colour to the room.  While this wasn't the right solution for me, they were definitely on to something.  I love all the art close to the staircase, but I wanted a little more colour close to the door.

When I began painting my own art for the space, I used a painting I've owned for years (I remember it on the wall of the teeny Toronto rental I lived in before I bought the condo.) for inspiration.  It was painted by Aja Apa-Soura and I have always loved her use of colour.  Since her work inspired my use of colour, I thought I'd hang one of her pieces across from the mirror in the hallway.


I was surprised by how well the colours work with the art and accessories already in the space and I love that I get to see the painting both directly, and reflected in the mirror.

I had a large scale piece of art in the condo, which has been sitting in my mother's house (Thanks for storing it, mom.) while we renovated the living room.  I use it sometimes to stage client's houses because it is so vibrant, modern and huge.  I also used it in our condo dining room while it was listed.  I NEVER thought I'd hang it in the new/old house though, and here's why:

It's time that I confessed that I am a bit of an art snob.  I hated this piece on principal because it is mass produced and cost me $25 at a warehouse sale.  This snobbery is not my most (and unfortunately, not my least) attractive quality, and I'm challenging myself to embrace a new rule in the new/old house: If you love it, display it!

Despite the lack of pedigree, I'll have to admit that I'm drawn to this canvas print.  I have used these colours repeatedly in our hallway and living room, and even I can admit that it works perfectly in the room!  At some point, you need to just shrug and own it, right?

So that's how a $25 mass produced canvas print became the focal point of our living room.  Art faux-pas?  Perhaps.  ... But I sort of love it!

Would you hang mass produced art, or are you snobby about it like me? ;)

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