Fiddler Under My Roof

Last week, Thea (my photographer) sent me this edited version of my living room as a gag:

It was a real "aha moment" for me!  You see, I had been wanting a larger plant since we lived in the condo but had never thought it would fit in that little nook in the living room.  After seeing Thea's picture, Corey and I stopped by Plant World and picked up this inexpensive baby fiddle leaf fig.  I had spray painted this vintage planter stand when we first moved in but it had just been sitting in a corner of the dining room.

Now that I'm actually using it, I love the way it boosts the plant off the floor and adds another level to our evolving living room.

Our old condo would have actually been the perfect place to have plants.  It was open and bright with HUGE West-facing windows.  Here's one of Thea's photos of our old living room:

It was just begging for a plant, right?  Unfortunately, we had always planned to leave the condo fairly quickly and I knew, if I didn't kill a plant with either too much love or neglect (or some passive-aggressive combination of the two) first, it would probably not survive weeks of packing, moving and unpacking with clumsy ol' me.

Once we knew we were moving into a house, I began researching plants and decided that the trendy, sculptural fiddle leaf fig would give me the oomph factor I was seeking. 

What is a fiddle leaf fig, you ask?  It's a type of ficus tree that is currently a favourite of stylists and designers.  I'm not a "green thumb" (I have killed many plants... usually unintentionally) but I've fallen in love with this plant from pictures I've seen on the web and it seems like my typical neglectful style (letting the soil dry between waterings) will help it to "fit in" with my succulents... I hope!  I really love this plant and don't want to kill it!

Guys, here's where you come in... If you see from my pictures that it's looking a little sickly, please remind me to stop loving it so much!  "It is a plant, not a kitty cat."  Just repeat that phrase to me over and over.  What's that?  Cats also don't like to be pestered and prefer to be left alone??? Oh yeah... cats kind of hate me too...

Okay, without further ado, here's my round-up of pretty fiddle leaf figs from all over the internet. 

Style by Emily Henderson

Elle Decor

The Marion House

Style by Emily Henderson

Style by Emily Henderson

Elle Decor

Christie Chase

Style by Emily Henderson

 Now do you see why I love them so much?  They're graphic and they make a huge impact in any space!  One day, my little guy will grow big and strong like these pretty trees... *fingers crossed*  In the meantime, I'll just focus on keeping it alive. :)

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