It's Curtains for our Bare Windows! (Great Sources for Cheap Fabric)

Bye bye bare windows!  ... At least, in the master bedroom and living room.  As an allergy sufferer, I wanted the carpet and drapes in this house removed as soon as we had moved in.  Unfortunately, I've never been a blinds or curtains person so I had no idea how expensive they can be!

In our last home, we removed the blinds immediately.  I loved the entire wall of windows in the main area and, when combined with our light floors and walls, the place felt open and HUGE.  Then, after some stern words from my horrified mother (who hated the thought of people watching us) I bought some cheap Ikea white panel curtains to hang.  You can see them below in this photograph taken by Thea Menagh.

The white panels were fine for our condo but they are not our style here.  Still, we feel a little more modest in the house (perhaps because we're no longer "in the sky") and we want to give ourselves some privacy in the living room and bedroom asap. 

I can't justify spending major money on a beautiful rod or even finials when I never notice those details.  I may feel differently in the future, but for now, our money will be spent on items which will make a difference to us.  We found some cheap adjustable rods at Ikea for about $5 each and some even cheaper brackets and finials. 

Ikea also turned out to be a great option for sheers and we found these textured white sheers for $19.99 for two panels.  We used four panels in total because we wanted to create the illusion of a larger window in our living room.  I'll share the details in one of my next posts.

Ikea was also selling these purple sheers on sale for just $7.99 for two panels.  We bought four panels of these for the bedroom.

For the actual curtains, I wanted to do something a little more unique than Ikea.  I thought it would probably be most cost effective to sew them myself.  Then came the hunt for a fabric:

Spoonflower is a great resource for fabric since you can upload your own photos or graphics to design your own custom fabric.  It's also a great place to search through the interesting ideas others have had.  I loved this faux malachite fabric and thought it was inspired and organic.  However, Spoonflower's price of $18 per yard is more than I wanted to spend.

I found this floral fabric online at Fabric Guru and really loved the modern floral print.  Four yards for $39.98!    I thought this one would get a big VETO from Corey but he actually didn't mind it.

I wasn't sure if this ribbon rosette taffeta from Fabric.com would be too much.  Still, I loved the texture and at $6.49 per yard, I had to at least consider it.

Fabric.com also had some gorgeous Hollywood Regency patterns in black and gold floral patters.  I thought a more subdued pattern may suit Corey better.  I liked this eroica primrose jacquard storm pattern for $5.59 per yard.

Also from Fabric.com (apparently they have the best prices) this deep sea taffeta would add some dimension to the living room for $7.98 per yard.

I also love the Fabric.com rosette iridescent copper taffeta for the dining room... Although I'm not shopping for the dining room yet.  $7.98 per yard.  Corey hated this one.

Marimekko may be outside my budget, but Stash Modern Fabric on Etsy is a great source for fun, modern prints like Wing Song for $10.00 per yard.  There are many options to choose from in this shop...  Corey was not a fan of the birds.  There was also a pattern with black and white animal faces but I didn't even suggest it to him.

... Like Cascade Agate for $9.50 per yard.  Corey loved this one and it also happened to be my favourite.  I love when that happens.  I think it looks like a watercolour painting and he described it as "arctic desert camouflage" so obviously we have different perspectives. :)

 ... Or Seaside Stripe in warm grey for $9.00 per yard.
Or this Large Chevron print for only $7.60 per yard. 
Considering that malachite print is outside my budget, here are my options:
I'm thinking Cascade Agate for the living room and Seaside Stripe or maybe a taffeta in another colour (emerald green or purple instead of teal?) for the bedroom.  By the way, that ladder looking thing in the living room represents the shelving we plan to build.  We've allowed for some space to be devoted to shelving, which is why everything appears to sit off-centre. 

What do you think?

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