Style Cure: Part 6 (Connecting the Dots)

As I enter the fall market and one of my busiest times of year, I'm scaling back slightly on my blogging time.  Corey and I have some LARGE projects to tackle, and you'll certainly be joining us, but you may notice that I post a little less frequently. 
That being said, we still have plenty of work to do on our new/old house, as well as a wedding to finish planning, Halloween around the corner, and a new foster dog arriving next week... so there's still plenty to write about. :)  I'm also trying to finish the next instalment of my Condo Survival series.  I know some of you have been asking (and I'm THRILLED that you enjoy it so much) but the next part of the story is a little more difficult to write about because something sad happens.
Anyway, I wanted to follow up on our hallway reveal post to assess how the finished room ended up looking in relation to my inspiration photos.  I thought it would be fun to examine the photos and vocalize exactly what I like about each of them.  I'm already finding it interesting, because some ideas are already cropping up in other areas of the house.  I'm finding it interesting to approach design more deliberately in terms of themes and accessories.
By the way, in case you're curious, we are loving our new hallway... and yes, it is already just a teeny bit messy and lived in. :)
Let's start with this compilation photo I made of all of my favourite inspiration rooms.  Notice the recurring neutral walls with pops of blue and green and lots of art and texture.
I just loved this vintage Kilim runner against the wood floor...

So I found one for our house.

I am drawn to geodes and loved the large amethyst in this photo...

And I managed to paint one for our hallway.

I love so much about this picture, but especially the colours and subtle hints of gold.

... Which I managed to incorporate with the addition of this DIY painted lamp.

This picture is one of my favourites.  I really love everything in this room, but especially the art, the colours and the different patterns.

I loved this grouping of blue vases, which are so different but sort of adhere to a similar theme.  I'm sort of doing something similar in our dining room with my West German Pottery.

I still have trouble pinpointing exactly what I love about this vignette.  It could be the art... or all the hints at geometric shapes... but I definitely love the mix of patterns and colours.

I've already posted a picture of this room, but I couldn't resist pointing out the layering of the white flokati over the oriental carpet.  I love the added interest from the texture.  I used a sheepskin in the hallway to achieve this same effect against the Turkish runner.


I love this beautiful green glass.  It speaks to me for some reason.  While not the same, I have similar pieces on our hall shelf, which collect our keys.
Finally, here are the pictures of our hallway again.  Now that I'm looking more intentionally, it's easy to see what inspired each accessory.


While it's difficult to decorate such a small room, I'm proud to have achieved a result so close to the "look" which had inspired me.  Frankly, I'm surprised I had the patience for the Style Cure exercises, but I believe it was worth it.

Have you ever thought a room through like this?  Do you think it would make a difference?
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