Paint it White!

With the number of things I've painted white lately, I'm beginning to feel like the snow miser. 

If you've celebrated Christmas in North America, you've probably heard of him, because this silly movie is something of a weird tradition.  I've included a short video (below) which explains everything... and at the same time, explains absolutely nothing.  This video actually has nothing to do with this post but it cracks me up, so I'm including it.

Weird, right?  But he did have a totally chic all-white décor theme going on in his lair.  Anyway, my white Rust-oleum paint has been getting quite a workout lately and it continues...

As you know, we're participating in Apartment Therapy's Style Cure this month by giving our entrance hallway a much needed makeover.

One of the things we really wanted was a more functional space.  We installed a shoe cabinet when we first moved in, but we also wanted a mirror and place to drop our keys.

We began with the mirror, which we purchased over three years ago at the Elegant Garage Sale in Toronto.  The current paint job looked really funky in our condo, but we wanted a cleaner look for our new/old house.  Enter Rust-oleum white spray paint:

Since we already knew we'd be painting, we also picked up an Ikea Ekby shelf and painted the brackets gold to give it a more custom look.  Here's the finished product:

Please ignore the gaping holes in the wall.  Corey's still working on updating the old electrical work.

Since we're not quite ready to enclose our porch to create a proper mudroom, we also wanted to hang some hooks on the wall for our coats.  We love the warmth of wood, and I found some gorgeous carved wood hooks on Etsy, so we decided to mount them in a deliberately random pattern for a touch of fun.

We actually find that the addition of the shelf makes the deep shoe cabinet (which was necessary for Corey's giant work boots) feel less imposing in the space.  It doesn't feel as monstrous and the placement makes more sense now.

The hallway is really starting to really come together!
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