Ikea 2014 Catalogue

The Ikea 2014 catalogue arrived in the mail last week, and I sifted through the pages to see which interior design trends to expect this coming year.  They always have such interesting designs!  For those of you who haven't seen it, I snapped a few pictures so that you could enjoy the eye candy and follow along.

I loved seeing the use of organic wood elements and the fact that oversized industrial inspired lighting is still en vogue. 

As someone who dreams of one day reupholstering the sofa in her family room in a bright blue fabric, I loved seeing these green chairs in an otherwise organic modern room!  I also love that rug. :)

I love the bold yellow pendant light in a geometric shape paired with a rustic modern dining table.  This is sort of the look we'll be going for in our own dining room.  I also love those yellow display cabinets.  They would look fabulous in the right living room, dining room, or even an ultra hip kitchen!

I love these wall shoe organizers.  Sometimes there's a narrow space  on an awkward wall and these would be a great solution.  I also kind of like the idea of using them in a kitchen for additional display and storage.

I love this modern take on a more traditional dinnerware pattern.  The catalogue says they're inspired by tiles.  I think the hot air balloons on the lunch plates are adorable!

Have you seen next year's catalogue yet?  Did you spot any treasures of your own?

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