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Corey liked my last post about the Aberfoyle Antique Market so much that we decided to take a trip together.  This post is going to be a little different for two reasons.  The first is that Corey was pointing out all kinds of things I wouldn't have noticed on my own so I got the see the market from an entirely new (and more masculine and industrial) perspective.  Corey and I left with tons of ideas and inspiration for the new/old house.  The second is that, while I took loads of pictures, I was too busy flirting with Corey to remember all the prices.  Sorry guys!

I thought I'd start with these horseshoes (above) for luck!  I think they'd make great styling props on their own or painted gold!

Below is a telescope.  It was $60 and I remembered seeing it last time and thinking Corey would like it.  I also like that cute gold dachshund paperweight for $7. 

Note: I would use the telescope as a prop on the bookshelf.  It would make for some awkward dinner party conversations when one of us (or our guests) randomly extended it and started scoping out the room.  What do you even say when that happens?  There are few things more awkward than talking to someone while they examine your pores with a close-range telescope!

I love this antique birdcage.  I think it would look pretty on a shelf... without a bird caged inside.  It would also look cool covering a plant as a table centrepiece.  I've seen little "collections" of these on other blogs and in magazines.  Keep in mind, yhat one birdcage is probably enough, folks.  If you're contemplating a collection of birdcages which aren't meant to house actual birds, you're treading a dangerous line between awesome and creepy.  Do you really want your guests wondering what the heck you put in all those cages???

Remember my post about vintage pyrex?  Well, I think I hit the mother load!  These two sellers had vastly different prices though so it pays to shop around.

These chemists bottles would look pretty in front of a window or on a bathroom shelf.

There were several cute dining and patio sets at reasonable (think, cheaper than Ikea) prices.  Here are a few of my favourites:

These Solair chairs are so hot right now and there are reproductions everywhere.  I don't know enough to tell an original from a knock off but I think these are pretty hip either way!

Corey liked these industrial looking boxes and cases.  They were everywhere and many had military markings.  They were pretty affordable in general but prices ranged from about $20-$60.  I was stealthy when I took this picture of one of Corey's finds, because I also wanted to catch the pretty chairs in the background.

If we had an industrial space, I would have bought one of these as a trash can.  They're sort of awesome, right?  Right???  Just me?  Hello??  *crickets chirping*

Corey was really digging the signs.  There were cool signs at several booths.

While Corey and I know nothing about vintage typewriters, there are many collectors out there.  If I were a writer, I'd have one.  I took this picture for my friend, Jaime.

Everything here is so pretty.  This picture was purely for me.  I'm pretty sure this is where I lost Corey when he wandered over to one of the more industrial booths...

Are people still decorating children's rooms with initials?  I think these would be a fun option because they're bright but not babyish...  If you don't have kids, there are still plenty of things you could spell.  I think these large letters were about $50 each but most vendors are willing to negotiate.

Did I mention that many of the stalls are in old barns?  Amazing, right?  Here's a perfect example.  Corey had to talk me out of getting a gargoyle to protect our garden.  I am not joking.

Would we be the coolest parents ever if we owned an actual carnival game??  Ummm... YES!!!  Let's face it, we're never going to buy something like this and if we did, it would totally be for us and not (as we would pretend) our children.

I loved this little miniature room behind a picture frame.  It reminds me of a dollhouse (filled with the most intricate miniatures you could imagine!) that my mom bought me when I was a little girl.  While I was snapping this photo, Corey was looking at the cars and train sets.

Ahoy Captain! Land off the starboard!  ... Is what I would say if I had this!  For $1800 you too could be helmsman of your living room. 

If only I had room in our entrance hallway for a little seating...

I loved all the antique doorknobs and skeleton keys.  These would look pretty in jars.

I'm not sure what is wrong with me but if there's a rocking horse (or a carousel horse, in this case) I'm "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" over it like a seven year old.

Initially, I thought these bells were only $5.  I was reaching for one (to test the ring) when I realized they shop owner was charging $5 per ring.  Not that I blame them... I'd get a headache too with people ringing my bell all day but I'm glad I didn't have to talk my way out of that one! I backed away from this booth slowly.

I have a collection of fossils from my grandmother, which I will post about later.  I loved the idea of storing them in an old printer's drawer like this one.  $34

These planks of reclaimed wood started to give us ideas for our open shelving in our kitchen...

Another booth had these beautiful oiled cutting boards.  A longer one would make a nice little table for a clawfoot tub... See what I meant about getting ideas and inspiration for our new/old house?

These antique cameras were so interesting.

These little wire crates were $10 each (or 3 for $25)  and would look fabulous spray painted copper and sitting on one of our future-kichen's reclaimed wood shelves...

Corey liked the humidors.  I wish I had taken a better picture of the deco lamps behind the humidors...

If we had a larger kitchen, this would make a rustic and fabulous island.

And I'll wrap this up with a random assortment of interesting objects that we felt were photo-worthy for some reason or another. 

If we had a gong it would be a house rule that you would have to ring it every time somebody told a bad joke!  Haven't you always wanted to do that?

Can you guess which of us liked the old radios and the old electrical testing equipment?  Yup, it was Corey!

It was a lovely day of window-shopping and while we didn't purchase anything, it really made us start to think more about our bathroom and kitchen renovations!

Which items (if any) would have caught your eye and gone home with you?
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