Geode Copycat

If you're following my Apartment Therapy Style Cure project, you already know that I'm attempting to add colour to our hallway through artwork.  I love geology and I painted the geode (right) to practice my shading and use of colour.  My little painting was beginning to grow on me when I realized that I may be a bit of a copycat!

Note, the picture shows them propped against my living room mantle, hence the blue swatches.  They will actually be against a warm grey wall in the hallway.

The Jealous Curator (a fabulous art blogger) wrote a great post about artist, Cecelia Phillips.  Can you guess what Ms. Phillips paints?  That's right... minerals and geodes!  I probably read the post ages ago and forgot about it, so this post also serves as a confession:  My name is Taylor de Sa and I am an art copycat!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  As it happens, Ms. Phillips paints beautifully and I found myself inspired to imitate her again. (left painting in top photo)

Obviously, they're nothing like the real thing.  Here's a selection of Cecilia Phillips' work as compiled by The Jealous Curator:

I just love a few of these!  Mine will have to suffice for now, though.  Just to check back, here's a quick look at the colour palette I hope to achieve:

And here's one of my favourite inspiration pictures:

And here are some of my completed paintings to date:

I still need a pop of pink, but it's coming along nicely!  What do you think?
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