Style Cure: Hallway Makeover Progress Part 5

FYI, I'm attempting to give my hallway a face lift this month by following Apartment Therapy's Style Cure.  Why don't you join and "cure" a room of your own? :)

We've been making a little progress on the hallway.  To give you a brief recap, here's a basic floor plan:

I also collected several inspiration photos:

Some helped me to narrow down a colour palette.  I love the blues and greens in these pictures:

Others gave me ideas for floor coverings and textural elements.  I found a fabulous rug (source will come later) and I already have a fluffy sheepskin for added texture:

We needed some new lighting, because I was so sick of looking at that ugly boob light.  I got a picture of Corey fondling... rounding second base with... replacing the old light with the light I painted a few weeks ago

We created a more functional landing strip:

I also realized that my best chance to add serious colour would be through art, like in the photo below:

I'm not an artist, (nor do I pretend to be one) but I figured something personal and colourful would be better than bare walls.  I figured I could waste time deciding on something perfect and saving up for it, or I throw something up there in the meantime so I'm not living with unfinished space.
So I sucked it up and sat down with a scary blank canvass.  I propped up a painting I love (on the left) for inspiration.

For the sense of humour element that I wanted in the room, I picked up these little dolls at Ikea, painted them white and added censor strips (cardboard I painted black) over their "private" areas.  They make me laugh.

And I played around with the paint and found a fun new hobby.  By the way, the picture below was meant to be a random guy... it somehow ended up looking like Corey.  No idea how that happened.

Obviously, I'm no van Gogh, (that rhymed!) but these will serve as placeholders until we can afford to slowly build our collection of real art!  The water's kind of kicking my bum (It's so hard to paint water!) in that last painting... but I'm working on it and I find it to be very meditative. 

The paintings are okay... definitely not great.  But I'm trying to push myself to be more free with this new/old house: Paintings not great?  Oh well, they're personal and they'll look fine until we can find something we really love!  Wouldn't this be a great philosophy to apply towards every room?
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