Release the Hounds! (Pics of Our New Foster Dog)

What's better than one greyhound?  Obviously, the answer is two greyhounds!  As I hinted at earlier this month, Corey and I have become a foster family for greyhounds who need a temporary home, straight from the racetrack.  This is something we have both wanted to do for a long time and we're thrilled to finally be able to help transition these gentle dogs while they wait for their forever homes.
We began our volunteer foster application process before we moved and we are excited to share that our first foster dog (we will have each foster for a couple of weeks) arrived on Sunday!  While there is plenty of not-so-glamorous work (vet visits, training, stool samples, etc.) that goes along with fostering, we're excited to share some of the fun (yay, new doggie!) moments over the past week:
Meet our foster dog, Louciano.  We call him "Looch" for short and he is a handsome (and large) boy with that right ear, which is often folded forward.  He is curious and affectionate but also a little "pushy" and "puppyish", so Barkley has spent the past few days bossing "Looch" around and reminding him who's the alpha!  Seriously, we have never seen Barkley as a bully (especially with a dog so much larger than he is) but he seems determined to put Looch in his place!
Here's handsome Louciano in the backyard.  Note: they both wear muzzles outside because greyhounds get competitive and snappy when they run together.  They are a gentle breed the rest of the time.

Barkley can't stand Looch getting all the attention so he starts showing off.

Everything is fine until Louciano gets a little too playful with Barkley...

Imagine growls to accompany these pictures.

Finally, Looch backs down and balance is restored.

It's too hot to argue anyway.

Barkley seems to enjoy the fact that Looch has a crate while he's allowed on the furniture like a king.

Barkley finally allowed Louciano to sleep next to him on Monday.

Bark even let him play with his favourite toy!

Here are the boys going for a walk.  Note the size difference!

And few posts are complete without some small addition to our home decor.  We needed a place to store all the dog toys so I picked up a basket at Value Village for $3.99 and spray painted it aqua.

It was difficult to get a picture of it because Looch kept reaching for toys...

We hope you enjoyed meeting our newest addition!  We have him for another week and then we'll probably get another foster dog.
Until then, we enjoy saying our new favourite phrase when we let them out in the yard:

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