Dreaming of a Finished Living Room...

As our renovations progress, I find myself more and more excited for the day when we can actually complete one of our rooms!  At the moment, the living room is in the lead, so I thought I'd play with the wall colour online a little.

Remember the colour palette I was thinking of before we moved?

Well, I've actually remained pretty true to it.  The last big thing is the walls, and I'm thinking about a navy or deep blue shade to make the room feel extra cozy.  I was playing around on My Colortopia and here's what I ended up with:

I'm not sure if this is the right blue, but it's definitely close to what I've been aiming for.

Then, imagine my surprise when my amazing real estate photographer, Thea, emailed me last night to tell me that she had some fun "playing" with pictures of my living room!

She actually made some great changes to the room (which I will discuss below) and has given me some great inspiration.  Here's her edited version with the really eye-catching wall colour Thea suggested:

So what did Thea change?  I feel like this is that "what's different in these pictures?" game that children play.  Do you know the one I mean?

  • Colour:  I love this colour and it would certainly brighten the room!  It really does pop!  To be honest, I almost changed my mind about my navy but I think it will work better with what I have planned in the dining room and I wanted the room to feel more cozy and less bright.  Still, I love this bold colour on a wall so much that I'm thinking of it for our family room!  It's certainly nice to imagine a room in different colours and I loved the inspiration...

  • Shelves:  Thea also rearranged one of the shelves on the left side... I hadn't meant to line up all the frames... oops! 

  • Painting:  She added a painting above the fireplace.  This is actually my plan in the future and I may even want something slightly larger than the frame she added.  I love playing with scale!  You may recall that my friend Jo is painting us something for the house... This may be the perfect wall for her art!

  • Plant:  It was a brilliant idea to add a plant to the left of the fireplace.  It adds some interest and balances the ottoman.  I actually have a fabulous mid-century plant stand (with hairpin legs) which I just spray painted black.  I've been looking for a space for it in the new/old house and it's currently covering a hole in the floor left from the duct work.  I'm on the hunt for a fiddle leaf fig to fill it and, thanks to Thea, I know just where it will go!
I love putting the finishing touches on a room!  This summer has been pretty busy, but I can't wait to show you the finished product... soon.... ish.... I hope.
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