Bonsoir Monsieur!

One of the expenses we accepted when we purchased our new/old house is that all of the appliances were well past their life expectancy and would need to be replaced.  New appliances are expensive, and we were determined not to "cheap out" since this is going to be a long-term home for us.

Here's a brief recap:

When we moved in, the house only had a washer (no dryer) and the "laundry room" had been filled with so much stuff during our home inspection, that we told our inspector not to even bother testing that it worked.  The thing looked older than me (or at least older than Corey) and we knew we'd need a dryer right away so we decided to just buy a set.  Luckily, Lowe's was having a sale so the dryer was half price.

I never named these but they're a pair, so we can be creative.  Mary-Kate and Ashley?  Ernie and Bert? 

It was nice to finally be able to do laundry again, (... and I'm sure my mom was happy to stop doing our laundry!) but we soon realized that there was a giant elephant in the room.  This elephant took the form of a pile of dishes that reached nearly to the ceiling and swayed with the lightest breeze.  Obviously, I'm exaggerating a little, although not as much as you probably think. 

The bottom line is that we both hate doing dishes.  That's where Gunter came to the rescue.  (That's what I'm calling our new Bosch dishwasher.)  With Gunter around, we now have a little more free time after every meal.  Time for bike rides and picking wildflowers.  Better make sure you have enough sunscreen there, Gunter!

But alas, the romance with Gunter has ended, because there's a tall mysterious stranger in town, and I think he's French...

Enter Philippe, with his sexy French accent doors and his icy cool demeanour.  It was love at first sight... He was also on sale!
Here's what he said:

"Come away with me to Paris... My drawers are full of cheese, and my shelves are full of wine..." 

I glanced back at Wolfgang Gunter (oops- forgot I changed his name while I was writing this.  I thought Gunter sounded more German.) with a pang of guilt, but then he spoke again:

"Mon Cheri, I know you detest ice dispensers on ze doors.  You think it is a waste of space.  But I have a secret for you in my bottom drawer: a secret ice dispenser for all your favourite drinks.  We can make ze drinks, you will drink zem, and Gunter can clean up!"

And so we embraced.  It turns out, he really was filled with wine and cheese!

Here's a shot of our old fridge from the day we moved in:

What you can't see from this photo is the fact that many of the shelves are broken and this fridge is clearly about to die.  We're absolutely thrilled to have a new one!

Presently, our only old appliances are the microwave and stove.  If they don't die on us, they may stay until we can afford to renovate our kitchen, but at least this gives us a great head start.
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