37 Shades of Grey

Oh how I wish I could incorporate some hilarious (and borderline inappropriate) references to the book, but 1- I haven't read the popular rubbish "mommy-porn" novel, and 2- I'm trying to keep this blog PG-rated.  If this disappoints you, pretend I threw in some references to the handsome, but emotionally distant Christian Grey, spanking, S&M contracts and a naïve heroine, which are what I gather to be the main themes of the novel... 

Corey has spent hours this weekend updating some of the old electrical work in the new/old house and now I'm nearly ready to patch and paint the hallway.  This is the room that I've chosen to lavish attention on this month as I follow Apartment Therapy's Style Cure but I've known for a while that I want to paint the narrow space grey.

It's hard to tell from the photo in the dimly lit room, (we have a solid door with no window) but it's currently a pukey beige... I equate it with what I imagine partially digested cheerios might look like,  Not exactly the best first impression of our house!

Now, after living with the clinical "listing grey" neutral colour we painted the condo for three years, I thought I'd had enough grey.  In truth, it's my favourite neutral (aside from navy) and I only resented it in the condo (photo below, taken by the talented Thea Menagh) because the light grey walls were a constant reminder that we had painted with the intention of listing and moving within a year.  For those who follow my Survival Condo posts, you know that this turned out to be more challenging than we had initially expected, and this made me resent everything, right down to the paint colour on the walls.

When I look back at the greys we chose for the condo, I see how cool they are.  They really made the space look huge and, with the exception of the accent wall and door, the grey was so light that it almost appeared white. 

I like cool greys because they are very clean, but they don't always feel as comfortable as a rich, warm grey.  The challenge in our space is to choose a warm grey that doesn't look muddy or dirty but still has depth.

We've been living with these paint swatches on the walls for weeks.

Each time I think I've selected a shade, I'll see them at a different time of day when the light has changed and I'll think I prefer a different swatch.  I took another photo so you could see what I mean.

Really different, right?  Well, I think I've finally decided on a good shade of grey.  If you're in the market for a good shade of grey too, check out these two helpful blog posts:

The Best Grey Paint Colors
Best Grey Paint Colors According to Ryan Gosling

Painting a room can feel like a big commitment... even a little like a contract.  Let's hope the Grey we choose is only a source of pleasure and enjoyment... no pain!  Couldn't resist!

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