Style Cure: Hallway Makeover Part 4

FYI, I'm attempting to give my hallway a face lift this month by following Apartment Therapy's Style Cure.  Why don't you join and "cure" a room of your own? :)

Today's challenge was to learn a little about colour.  You may recall that I already have a working colour palette, but I still have some colour work to do.

For me, I took the opportunity to think about how I will incorporate so much colour into a room that I suspect will have neutral grey walls.  I began by collecting more inspiration pictures... This time, looking for rooms with neutral walls.
This picture from House and Home inspired me.  I love the texture on the walls and the way that green vase stands out against the light wall.

This picture from The Telegraph shows how art and a window can add colour to a room.

Again from House and Home, this minimal hallways gets a dose of colour from the next room.

The next two are borrowed from Lonna De Anna and I love them both!

So far, it's looking like I'll need to rely on my art (along with the odd textile and accessory) to add colour to our hallway.  We have definitely not budgeted for an art shopping spree... I suppose I'll just have to try painting on my own... For the first time since Grade 9 art class.  (Except for this... but I don't really count that as real painting.) Wish me luck!

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