Eight of My Favourite Movie and TV Wedding Scenes

I still laugh when I see the photo above.  I explain the joke in this post.

Warning: This is a rare, wedding post so if it's going to make you hurl, I understand and I advise you to stop reading now.  I've  decided that I'm entitled to indulge in one of these posts every once in a while but I promise not to make them a regular feature.

So, right away I want to make a distinction between movie weddings and wedding movies!  This post is not meant to be about the romcom sub-genre of movies which are based entirely on weddings... although I do confess a weakness for My Best Friend's Wedding.  While I'm not ruling these out, this post is more about weddings from movies which have really resonated with me and make me excited for my own big day.  In these movies, the wedding is not necessarily the star, but it probably still made me cry!

Before I start, I need to give an honourable mention to the wedding scene at the end of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  This old timey, borderline mysoginistic, musical masterpiece has been one of my favourite movies since childhood.  It features colour coordinated backwoodsman costumes, pretty dresses, baby animals, a song about baby animals, a shotgun wedding and a very satisfying number of choreographed dances.  Oh, the dancing!  Anyway, shotgun wedding with a well coiffed, colourfully dressed, hunky backwoodsman who kidnapped me would probably not be on any of my Pinterest boards... but I still highly recommend this movie!

Okay, now for my actual list, in no particular order:

Scrubs (JD and Elliot):  Not an actual wedding but this fantasy sequence where JD sees what he wants in life makes me cry.  Love the wedding, love the song, love when Elliot lifts him!

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Who remembers this fabulous wedding?  Not the forced wedding with the almost-rape scene between Marion and the Sheriff (Obviously!), but the wedding to Robin in the final scene.  What girl doesn't want to walk down the aisle with Bryan Adams crooning this 90's ballad in the background and autumn leaves falling in your hair.  Sure, most of us would prefer that our groom showered a little first, but Sean Connery showing up on a horse pretty much makes up for any other deficiencies in this wedding.  This scene (at the 4:00 mark in the video below) makes me wish for a fall wedding!

50 First Dates: I know, this is actually not the obvious choice for an Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore wedding.  Say what you like about this cheesy movie but this scene has the power to make me cry, literally every time I see it.  We don't see much of the wedding, but the simplicity and humour stays with me...

The Office (Jim and Pam's Wedding): This scene really reminds me that a wedding is supposed to be something special shared between the couple.  For those who don't remember it, the wedding begins and Pam learns that, against her wishes, her guests have choreographed a dance.  Instead of becoming upset, she looks and Jim and they share a smile.  The viewer then sees, through flashbacks, that the couple had been married secretly right before their public ceremony.  No amount of hyjinks can ruin their weddding... because it has already happened.  I love this!

Sex and the City (Carrie and Big's city hall wedding): While Carrie and Big's first wedding would have been fabulous, after all the drama, I loved this simple ceremony at city hall.  I loved it even more that he secretly invited her friends to share in their day.  Although Miranda and Steve were my favourite couple (who had my second favourite wedding), this was my favourite wedding from the show.

Friends (Phoebe and Mike's Wedding):  I love this scene more than any other wedding on the show.  Maybe it's the quirkiness of a DIY wedding (before DIY weddings were cool) during a snowstorm, or maybe it's just Chappy the dog.  I just love this!  I know my personality tends to resemble Monica's more than Phoebe's but I just love the idea that everything that "went wrong" just ended up making for a more unique and special day.

Love Actually (Wedding Serenade):  I'm going to put this out there for all my friends who read my blog:  I am NOT a fan of spontaneous songs or dance sequences at weddings.  NOT A FAN.  However, since this movie came out before the trend, I'm going to give it a pass.  I love this Beatles song and Keira Knightly's over the top reaction is actually (<- See what I did there?) endearing.
Beverly Hills 90210 (Donna and David):  Who doesn't love a little David Silver?  Am I right, ladies?  I like him even more because it was a nickname one of my friends gave Corey when we started dating (because he was younger than me) and Corey and I still joke about it.  Not only is this scene the culmination of a very long and pivotal love story on the series, the plastic Donna Martin's vows are surprisingly sweet and real.
Have I missed any?  What are your favourite wedding scenes?
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