Style Cure: Hallway Makeover Part 3

I'm attempting to follow Apartment Therapy's Style Cure this month, and I wanted to tackle our small, yet important entrance hallway.  Pssst... If you want to take a look back, visit my last post about the room.

Because I've chosen our entrance hallway, we're not starting with a totally blank canvas, but we're also open to making changes to what we have already done.  My challenge is to make the tiny space functional and to give it a big visual impact that sets the tone for the rest of my house.

To catch you up, here's what we've done to the hallway so far:
We're supposed to be setting up an "outbox" to allow us to unemotionally remove clutter.  As you can see, clutter is not the problem here... Our main issue is actually more of a lack of personality.

I'll be combining posts most days because I just don't have the time to keep a daily record but I'll try to reference all the steps.  Today, we're making floor plans.  The layout of this room is pretty basic, so here we go: 
Note, excuse my very basic and only semi to scale diagram.  I think Corey actually laughed out loud when he saw this,  but we have a new laptop and we have not yet installed Corel Draw.  This is my official excuse.

I have tons of ideas already and I've been collecting even more inspiration.  I may be skipping ahead a bit, but I can always go back and revise my plans.  From the collection of photos in my last post, (see below) I've made a bit of a makeshift colour palette.

From the pictures above, it is evident that I love blues and teals with a little pink mixed in.  I also love ornate rugs, textural elements as well as gold and wood accents.  Here's my current colour palette for the hallway:

I'm shocked at how similar it is to the living room colour palette I created for this house while we still lived in the condo:

I added these (along with my dining room inspiration photo) to the floor plan:

To complete the floor plan, I'd like to add furniture, but there really isn't much furniture for the hallway.  Instead, I am marking the spots where a small stool and shoe organizer will sit, but also approximately where coat hooks, a mirror and art will be hung.

I actually think the rooms will work quite well together.  I'll make an effort to include some rich blue toned accessories in our dining room, but this makes me excited to see our main floor begin to come together.

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