Easy "Dipped" Planter

After seeing how well my Fiddle Leaf Fig is thriving, I want to try my hand at another larger plant.  I'm thinking about a Mother In Law's Tongue because it's notoriously easy to care for... and a little bit because it has a funny name!  I bought a cheap Papaja planter at Ikea but I wanted to make it look a little more interesting.

To get the "dipped" look, I spray painted it in layers while holding the nozzle only about an inch away from the top.  By coating it too heavily, I insured that paint would drip down.  The top picture was taken after the first coat, and here's a shot after the second:

.... And after the third and final coat:

It's not for everyone, but I think it would look cool in almost any colour combination and I love that it no longer looks like a plain Ikea pot.

Since I scheduled this post so far in advance, I've actually bought a plant so I'll update this post with a picture.  Excuse the unpainted baseboards and walls:

And, I'll end this post with an appropriate meme:

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