Friday Reading: Part 1

It's Friday and I would love to just slip back into bed and catch a few more zzzz's.  The picture above is of Barkley.  In the condo, he would sometimes sneak into bed with me.  I would wake up expecting to see Corey and I would come face to face with ... well, you can see the picture!   (Sigh)... I miss that white bedding but it didn't make a lot of sense considering we have a black dog who likes to climb into bed with me.

Seeing him so cozy somehow makes it a little easier to get my butt in gear today.  For those of you with desk jobs, I thought I'd leave you with a little fun internet surfing for your lunch break.

This video of two guys experiencing simulated labour pains was hysterical!

These margarita popsicles would be a hit at any weekend bbq!  I actually want to host a BBQ just so I can try these.

It's almost "date night" so I'm sending you these 18 Frugal and Romantic Dates at Home to try this weekend.  We do #17 all the time but I'd like to try #11 this week.

I loved this article on How to Talk to Little Girls.  Isn't it funny that, even those of us who admire and respect women often seem to jump to the "Oh, your dress is so pretty" compliments when speaking with little girls?  This is going to be a game changer for me.

This touching NY Times article about Siblings was actually sent to me by my own little brother.  We're 3 years apart and, yes I also happen to think that's the perfect age difference.  We were far enough apart to develop separately and not compete, but still close enough to be BFFs.  By the way, he would HATE that I use pop-culture abbreviations like "BFFs".

I was shocked to read about A viral campaign to end violence against women on Facebook.  I am fortunate enough not to have come across some of these Facebook pages glorifying rape or domestic violence but it is shocking that we (as a society) still question whether or not this constitutes "hate speech".

Because, in our casual society, I sometimes forget how to set a proper table, this post about Dinner Eiquette clears up some common questions.  ...Or you could just have Hector Alonzo give you a quick lesson, since that scene from Pretty Woman is usually (and weirdly) where my mind jumps when I think of dinner etiquette.

This funny Craigslist ad seeking a Crazy Roommate made me laugh ... Haven't we all been there?

For those of you who commute to work via the TCC, these pictures of Beautiful Subways from around the world will make you J-E-A-L-O-U-S!

That's all for today.  What are you planning for the weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?
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