Top 5 Daily "Fun" Reads That You Won't Feel Guilty About:

Note- As I edit this post, the squirrels are playing on the roof outside our bedroom window and Barkley is whining at me because he wants to go outside to chase them.  It's 7:30 on a Sunday morning and Corey and I both worked until late last night and have more work to do today.  I think our perfect Sunday night will include an 8:00 bedtime.  Who else had a busy weekend?

Which websites do you check every day?  I'm not talking about the usual suspects, (news, social media, or if you're like me, MLS) but the other sites you check while you're having your pre-work coffee or killing time on your lunch break.

Now that we have access to the internet, most of us use it for entertainment for at least a small portion (larger for some) of each day.  I like to think of our usual cyber hangouts as being grouped into three categories: Necessary, Embarassing and Fun-But-Guilt-Free. 

Necessary Websites for me would include the news, my google alerts, my email... you get the picture.  Basically, for those of you with 9 to 5 jobs, these are the sites you'd leave open on your desktop during lunch and not care if your boss walked by. 

Embarassing Websites would be the addictive Buzzfeed posts about "How you know you're an 80's kid", all those funny cat videos my family sends me, basically any funny videos which are currently trending on the internet and (although I'm not actually a follower of celebrity gossip) sites like Perez Hilton.  You know the sites I'm referring to, and yes, you should feel just a teeny bit embarassed for checking in on Honey Boo Boo (Just because it's on TLC, does not make it worthwhile.) or browsing pics of Kate Middleton's baby bump... although we all read trashy gossip from time to time. :) For me, this would be DogShaming.com.  I don't check it more than once a week and it's not exactly quality literature but one look at all those naughty puppys is sure to brighten my day.

Today, I'm sharing my personal favourites from the third (guilt-free) category.  All of these sites are addictive (so watch your time) but they also provide some value.  I feel totally guilt free visiting these periodically during a productive day:

1. Vocabulary.com is an addictive and fun way to build your vocabulary.  It's filled with mini quizzes and it really helps you learn a word because you see it used in common conversation.

2.  A Cup of Jo is a fabulous, funny blog written by self described magazine-writer-turned-blogger, Joanna Goddard.  Not only are her posts short and sweet, she is witty and engaging and she discusses a range of women's topics.  It's a great light read.

3.  Wise Bread is full of articles realted to money and frugal living.  It's one of those "something for everyone" sites and it's updated daily.

4.  Apartment Therapy is full of decor inspiration and tips for the home.  I don't read every article because it's updated constantly but there's usually something of interest on the front page.

5.  Lumosity is a subscription website with daily memory building exercises.  I'm still in thr free trial period and I have no idea if I would actually pay for this but the exercises are pretty addictive and I can see that I'm improving.

Happy internet surfing!  And I'll leave you all with these funny videos about celebrity tweets (I think may be from the "Embarassing" category) because they made me laugh:

So what are your favourite "Guilt Free Fun" websites?
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